Saturday, January 20, 2018

Princessing Life

A very important message that I would like to convey to all of you is my deepest heartfelt thank you for all the support over the years for my blog and my "princessing" presence in social media. Every time one of you finds me in a Theme Park or Resort around Disney and takes the time to say hello, it melts my heart. I LOVE IT! Hugs are always welcome too!

Now, on with the show...
Many of you who follow me on social media, know of my journey over the past few years (post cancer) to lose weight and get out of the wheelchair. Although I don't typically write about my personal life here on The Princess Papers, I felt this was a good time to give an update about the new changes that are happening that will also modify the content and activity of the blog.

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Before and Now Photos...There is no "after". This is an ongoing journey. 
As of today, I've lost over 170 lbs. (additional 30 lb. loss explained later). Many people have asked HOW? The answer is through healthy eating and adding some activity. It's been slow, 3 years actually. But, I didn't have weightloss surgery or use any fad diets or gimmicks. Eat your fruits and vegetables and minimize the processed junk and eating out. All those things that doctors have been telling you all these years? Yeah, those work. 
Want to see what I eat each day? Just join my Facebook group. I post pics, a food list, calories, and some general recipes. Group: I'm Going To Need A New Wardrobe. You will see that it's not about suffering or punishment. It's about making good choices and treating yourself well because you deserve it!

Recently, I did have some cosmetic surgery. The procedure is called a panniculectomy. It's NOT a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck tightens everything up and is done once a weightloss goal is reached. I had the loose skin hanging from my stomach removed. It weighed 30 lbs and has significantly helped my back pain. Although I was able to get myself out of the wheelchair in March of 2017, walking has still been difficult. I'm happy to say that last week, merely 7 weeks post op, I was able to walk 1.22 miles without stopping. In one month, I will be attempting my first 5k, the Disney Princess 5k walk/run around Epcot. Less than one year from wheelchair to 5k!

So, this brings me to what the future holds. First, as you, my dear readers, may have noticed, the blog food reviews have been very limited. Although I ADORE my amazing Disney chef friends and love their delicious creations, I don't chow down on big meals anymore. I do enjoy a treat now and then. I also indulge in a fine meal on occasion, rare occasion. Disney food is far too expensive to take just one bite and throw the rest away! I will, however, be continuing to add some event content once I'm more mobile. Perhaps a treat or two as well.

For now, the best place to find me is on Facebook @JeanieGallo. I'm relatively active there. So send a friend request, hit the follow button, and you will be the first to see my daily princessing adventures in and out of the Parks!
Another BIG project coming in 2018 is my COLLAB PROJECT with the vivacious artist Holly G!
Right now, you can head over to our patreon The Sweet Adventures of Denim and Rose CREATOR PAGE  to get a behind the scenes peek! There are already photos and EXCLUSIVE first draft stories posted! These are our stories about two Disney-loving teenage girls and their adventures at Disney. 
(Appropriate for ALL AGES.)

For those of you who know of all my recent medical and hurricane damage expenses, your prayers have been wonderful. Although I will not accept donations, I would be beyond HAPPY for the support of any of my friends and followers for our art and stories on the patreon page. For the $5 COOKIE LEVEL pledge, you have a month to read all of the draft stories that are posted now! More are on the way! Become a CUPCAKE for $10 and you can have me personally read a story of your choice to you via facetime.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has supported my silly princessing. With your love and support, it will continue into the future. Perhaps even a YouTube channel soon??