Friday, April 28, 2017

NEW!! Polite Pig Review, Disney Springs

Located near the Lime Garage entrance at Disney Springs​, the Polite Pig is the latest in restaurant additions to Town Center. It's serving up some yummy, smokey, BBQ, cocktails/wine/beer on tap, and a nice bar with a large selection of bourbons. No reservations are needed. Guests order at the walk-up counter. (But this counts as Table service credit on the dining plan at last check.) I have noticed a few bad reviews, but I prefer to have a first-hand experience and decide for myself. 

Spoiler: I liked it a lot. 


All of the meat was tender and juicy. The beef and pork had a fair amount of fatty pieces, but that's necessary for moist BBQ. The portions were still generous even when removing the fat.
The brussel sprouts were the star for me, crispy and sweet. Perfect! The BBQ cauliflower was also unique and delicious. The mac n cheese was good, but nothing special. The slaw was fresh and light but all vinegar-based and not really my favorite as a side dish. It probably works better on a sandwich and is included on top of the sandwiches listed on the menu.
There was no Texas toast that was on the menu, but the rolls that were provided were soft and sweet.

Half Chicken Citrus Rub ($15)- served with slaw, texas toast (roll), 1 market side. 
Crispy Brussels Sprouts-whiskey-caramel.

Pork Shoulder Polite Rub ($14)- served with slaw, texas toast (roll), market side. 
Mac and Cheese- aged cheddar, breadcrumbs.

Brisket Coffee Rub ($16)- slaw, texas toast (roll) and market side.
BBQ Cauliflower-paprika sour cream.

Don't forget to hit up the sauces. I tried sweet, hot, and ranch. All had good flavor that worked with the whole menu. None of the sauces were overly spicy.

Orange Blossom Honey Cake ($7).
The cake was sooo rich. It's dense and moist. The frosting is full of flavor and the cake is mild but so rich that it stuck to the roof of my mouth! (That's not a bad thing.)

Old-Fashioned ($10)- Cocktail on tap. Be sure to ask for a sample taste!
The cocktails are unique because they are on tap! This was surprisingly smooth. It was recommended as a great pairing with the honey cake, and I totally agree!
I recommend ordering a $25 pitcher of it for a group.

Polite Pig has a slight industrial feel. It's casual but the bar is beautifully designed. There are a variety of seating options. High table, low table, booth, and outdoor tables. I love the little special touches like the piggy paw prints. But, there are few things more sad than an empty cake stand. 

The Guests next to us had the jumbo soft pretzel with beer cheese sauce. They said it was great and the sauce had a mild flavor but was thick and easily "dipable"
I would definitely go back and I recommend it. For $15, it's a lot of delicious food.
I've seen a few poor reviews, but I don't know why other than there might be variations in quality since it is new? The food has a fairly heavy smoke flavor, but NOT artificial tasting. However, those who prefer a lighter smoke may not enjoy this as much as grilled/rotisserie style meat.
I say go try it! Everything I had was really good (I just don't like vinegar slaw.) 

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*Polite Pig is handicapped accessible, but there may be difficulty going through the narrow ordering line. Ask for assistance if needed.
*10% discount for AP and Cast.

*Disney Dinging Plan Table-Service credits accepted. I expect this to change to quick-service credits soon. 

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  1. Great review! I am excited to try it out. It seems like a much better choice than D-Luxe Burger which I thought was gross and overpriced. Right now Blaze is my go-to but this seems like it will be in the running!