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Artist Point, Wilderness Lodge Celebration Dinner

Located in Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort, Artist Point is one of Walt Disney World's Signature Dining Experiences. The Resort celebrates the beauty of the wilderness of America's Great Northwest and that theming, in both decor and menu offerings, continues into Artist Point restaurant.

With seemingly limitless dining options around the Parks and Resorts of Walt Disney World, it's often difficult to choose one special place to celebrate a magical moment during a vacation. If a tranquil, comforting evening of enjoying scrumptious delights sounds like a truly blissful moment during what can be a rather fast-paced vacation, then look no further! Artist Point is your sanctuary. I recently attended a special celebration dinner at Artist Point. This dinner reminded me of why it has always been a favorite spot. Everything was outstanding! 
(Please note that as a Signature Dining Restaurant, the menu changes regularly. Also, select items shown were part of a special celebration and are not necessarily available on the standard menu. For the latest menu and more information on Artist Point Restaurant at Disney's Wilderness Lodge, please see the Walt Disney World website.)

October 2016
November 2016

Prix Fixe Menu November 2016

Champagne Toast

The bread-service is worth mentioning for it's rustic, hearty qualities that appropriately set the tone of a "wilderness-inspired" meal.

Amuse-Bouche (Special Celebration Item)- Eldeberry, Plum, Cheddar, Edible Flowers.
This provided a nice tart-creamy bite to wake up the palate for what was to become one of the most delicious meals that I've experienced at Walt Disney World.

Roasted Fall Squash Soup ($11.00 or Part of Taste of Pacific, 3 Courses $66.00)- Hazelnuts, Ras el Hanout, Petite Herbs.

I ALWAYS order the Smoked Mushroom Bisque (see below) when dining at both Artist Point as well as Territory Lounge. However, the temptation of a beautiful seasonal soup led me to try this. Squash Soup is one of my favorite treats during the fall and this was an excellent example of those comforting fall flavors. The richness of the soup is enhanced with the fragrant herbs and light crunch of hazelnuts. The most unexpectedly delicious bites were accompanied by the toasted, house-made, fluffy marshmallow. 
This seasonal soup is still available for a limited time!

Smoked Mushroom Bisque ($12.00)- Crispy Foraged Oyster Mushrooms, Nasturtium Oil, Fine Herbs.

This soup is a must. It is pure, rich, creamy perfection. The smoked mushrooms are more bacony than actual bacon! I would challenge even those who are not fans of mushrooms to try this soup. It is something worthy of "craveable" status.

Palate Cleanser (Special Celebration Item)- Elderflower liqueur smoothie.
A few sips of this tart, frozen delight were all that was needed to cleanse our palates from the rich, creamy soups and prepare us for the lighter, yet richly-flavored, entrees.

Columbia River Cedar Plank Salmon ($47.00 or Part of Taste of Pacific, 3 Courses $66.00)- Baby Sweet Potato, Chicory Greens, Forelle Pears, Yogurt, Lemon Vinaigrette, Tendrils.

Artist Point has a reputation of serving beautiful salmon. It's a staple on the menu and always an excellent choice. It was seared well and remained flaky, and juicy. The fall-inspired accompaniments paired nicely with the rich flavor of the salmon. The presentation was also beautiful and showcased the salmon in the "wilderness-inspired" theming that is prevalent throughout the Artist Point menu.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi ($29.00)- Wild Pine Mushroom, Brown Butter, Brussels Leaves, Pumpkin Seeds, Wild Greens.

As an Italian girl who grew up with homemade gnocchi, I am very critical of the texture of gnocchi when dining out. I am often hesitant to order them. I'm very happy to say that these gnocchi from Artist Point would make any Italian grandmother proud. Biting through the lightly crisp brown butter sauteed exterior into the delightfully fluffy dumpling pillows was an experience that took me back to childhood. DELICIOUS! Additionally, the meaty, thickly-sliced mushroom was treated with all the attention of the finest steak. At first glance, it could be easily mistaken for a grilled steak. The hearty flavor met all expectations of the beautiful appearance. An absolute "WIN" for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike!

Almond Butter Cookies and Pumpkin Spice Milkshake ($10.00 or Part of Taste of Pacific, 3 Courses $66.00)

Order this. Don't question it. Just order it. It doesn't matter if you are already full. Order this!
At the time of my dinner, the drink was a creamy pumpkin spice milkshake made from fresh pumpkins roasted in-house. This scratch-made detail is just one example of the level of quality that you will find at Artist Point. Currently, the accompanying beverage is a frozen hot chocolate milkshake!! (Follow The Princess Papers on Facebook for a review when I try it on my next visit!)

But, the real stars of this dessert are the unassuming little cookies. They are almost indescribable...almost! The scent is of lightly sweet almonds. A crisp outer "shell" encases a cloud-like sweet delight that melts in your mouth. The little, crunchy bits of salty marcona almonds nestled on top add additional texture and flavor.  With the first bite, you will pause, admire it, and wonder what angels are working in the Artist Point kitchen.

Chocolate Experience (No longer on the menu)- Chocolate dome, chocolate cake, bits of meringue, edible flowers.

This was a chocolate-lover's dream. The dome had the texture of a rich truffle. The delicate, airy, microwaved chocolate cake pieces paired well with the crunchy bits of meringue. Again, the rustic wilderness theming is evident in the gorgeous presentation.

Caramel Tasting (Special Celebration Item)- Chocolate Dome, Toffee Brittle, Semifreddo.
This was a special request dessert with an emphasis on caramel flavors. While we were absolutely full by this point in the meal, we still devoured it. Each separate component had it's own unique flavor and texture. The toffee bark should be sold in boxes for the holidays, if not all year round. Absolutely decadent!

Ice Wine (Special Celebration Item-Available on the Menu)- Sweet Dessert Wine. The perfect, chef-recommended addition to the end of the meal.

In true Disney style, just a bit of whimsy to end an elegant dining experience.

A special thank you to Chef Damon for his many years of service in making magic throughout the kitchens of Walt Disney World. Readers of The Princess Papers Blog may recall the menu that he created for my special Disney Catered Event a few years ago. For a look back at A Private Princess Event, CLICK HERE.

Chef Damon, Artist Point Restaurant
Thank you again to Chef Damon, as well as Viviana, and all of the talented Chefs and gracious servers at Artist Point for such outstanding quality and service. This was a true princessing adventure.

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*Celebration items may not be available on dining menu and were part of a special event.
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