Friday, December 30, 2016

Rogue One T-Shirt Giveaway!


It's time to kickoff a new year of Princessing!
Instead of a tiara giveaway, this year The Princess Papers blog is giving away a Rogue One t-shirt, size XL (winner will receive a NEW, never worn shirt).
This shirt is from the Walt Disney World Rogue One preview showing (Find my Princess Perspective Review here) and from the special Disney Parks Blog meet-up where Spaceship Earth was transformed into a Deathstar. See footage of it here.

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Winner will be chosen January 8, 2017. All decisions are final.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Disney Community Mourns Alan, Please Lend Your Support

As many of you may already know, the Disney Community lost a shining star suddenly on Christmas Eve. Alan, co-host of Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast, passed away leaving behind a beautiful wife and 3-month old daughter. 

A GoFundMe campaign was quickly set up to help support his daughter's future through a college fund. Those who knew Alan, know that he was a very smart guy and that his daughter's education would be a priority. You can learn more and contribute in the LINK HERE.

You can still hear Alan on past and an upcoming episode of Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast sharing his love and joy of Disney, the way we all will remember him!


Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast Website

Alan Twitter


Tribute to Alan at the Memorial by his Tiki Hut brothers:
As many of you know today was the service for our Tiki Brother Alan. We were asked to say something so we wanted to share our speech with you. ~Keith

"Before I came up here I was asked how long I was going to talk for. I said I have written a glorious 3 hour long finale but was told I only have a minute and a half.
For those that don't know that's a line from the muppet vision 3D attraction at Hollywood studios. And hence the reason I'm standing here

Alan, Keith and I met each other through Twitter as part of the Disney community. In which there are many people from that community here today. We instantly clicked as friends with many common interests, same sense of humor, and a brotherhood quickly formed.
We wanted to share our passion with whomever would listen. So we formed The Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast. We all fell into our roles quickly. Alan was always the one to keep us on track when things got crazy. He would always know just what to say at the right time. His quick wit and charm won over our listeners instantly.
I remember our first celebrity interview was Bill Farmer the voice of Goofy and so many other characters. We were coducting the interview and texting each other at the same time. We were like five year olds everytime he would do another voice. We couldn't believe the response and the interviews continued. From Rolly Crump, Bob Gurr, Marty Skylar, Jim Cummings,who is the voice of Winnie the Pooh and tigger. and the list goes on and on. We would always feel a sense of acomplishment to be able to record these living legends' stories for future generations to one day hear. Now we feel comfort we could do the same for Alan's legacy

Living in three different states made it difficult to get together in person. However, that didn't stop us from talking almost all day every day.
We felt more like brothers who had grown up together than friends who just met online. Each of us had met each other at different times. Keith met Alan and Blair a couple times on their way to the Outer Banks and at Walt Disney World. but all of us had never been in the same place at the same time. Until that fateful weekend for New York Comic Con.

There are so many great stories from that weekend, but the two that stand out the most. Alan had told us in the past that he and Blair had honeymooned in Paris. They had enjoyed these macarons there from Lau Duree. There was a shop in New York City and the only thing Alan wanted was to take these home to her. I don't think any of us knew how far of a hike it was going to be to get them when we started out. However, we kept walking and walking for what felt like days. We finally got there, Keith was about to fall over, I was huffing and puffing, and Alan was so excited to get them.
After that we decided to take an Uber back to the convention center. The car pulls up and its a compact car. The driver wouldn't let anyone sit up front so all three of us packed into the back seat like a bunch of circus clowns. As close of friends as we had become that ride gave us a whole new level of closeness. When we finaly got to the convention center. Alan opened the door and we literally poured out of the back onto the street. We laughed for a good half an hour straight. We had so much fun that weekend just hanging out with each other. Laughing, joking, meeting friends from the podcast, and sharing new experiences.
Alan always would close every episode by saying “Aloha” We all know that Aloha means hello or goodbye. However, a litteral translation also says it means "The joyful sharing of life energy in the present" or simply "Joyfully sharing life”. Alan was always that joyful life energy in our lives and we are happy he shared it with so many people. Alan used his social media presence to postively effect the lives of thousands of people. In the Disney community we never say “goodbye” we always say “see you real soon”. So Alan, we love you, see you real soon and ALOHA."

Friday, December 16, 2016

Rogue One Star Wars: A Princess Perspective


My review of Rogue One, A Star Wars Story:
Princess Perspective (that means I'm a girl and I like Star Wars, but don't know tons about the characters, backgrounds, ships, etc. It's entertainment. I appreciate it and love the pop culture tied to it.)

1. Visually beautiful. Definitely something for the big screen don't wait for home viewing.
2. Cool new droid. Very C3PO sarcastic personality, but braver.
3. We all know how that Deathstar thing plays out. Star Wars always has the basic good v. Evil. The long lost father part was a bit underwhelming.
4. Didn't really connect with any of the characters (but that's probably a good thing) except the blind guy. He was awesome and really loved his connection to the force.
5. Wish they would have shown a bit more with the new stormtroopers, the C2-B5 droid (what happened to him?), and the jabba wannabe mind reading thing. Kinda skipped over that stuff unless I missed something during my potty break?
6. This film showcases how useless stormtroopers are. WOW! Yes, they have that reputation. But this is even worse. Perhaps to help showcase the new Troopers?
7. Forrest Whittaker..nice job. Didn't realize it was you at first!
8. Last scene.. surprising, but make sure you check the credits. Optical illusion.
9. Definitely a "guys should love it" film. Lots of ships, action fighting, etc.
10. I prefer wookies and ewoks with my Star Wars.

I have a few more thoughts on the film, but that may give away too much and sound like I didn't like it. I DID like it. I think it gives a nice dose of non-offensive-to-the-franchise Star Wars to the fans in anticipation for the next movie. 
*Thank you to the Disney Parks Blog for hosting a preview showing of Rogue One. 
*To book your next vacation, click on the link to the right to use Mary Morales of Mad Hatter Adventures. Ask her about the SPECIAL NEW STAR WARS TOURS AT HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS THEME PARK!

Monday, December 12, 2016

SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration Featuring Rudolph and Friends!!

SeaWorld in Orlando is currently celebrating their Christmas Celebration on select dates through December 31, 2016. Special events include live musical entertainment, ice skating shows, specialty merchandise, food, sweet treats, cocoa, specialty winter brews, and so much more! 

NEW this year, meet Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer during Christmas Celebration event nights. (Event pathway opens at 5 PM until Park close.)
Christmas events are included with regular admission and Annual Passes. 




A variety of holiday themed food and drink options are available along the Christmas Pathway. Items may be purchased as full-size entrees or with a sampler pass for tasting portions. Annual Passholders receive a 20% discount on individual food items and sampler passes. 

Buffalo Chicken Waffle Sandwich- Tasting Size

Poutine-Entree Size

Pulled-pork Poutine-Tasting Size

Specialty Brew-Tasting Size

Short Rib Mac & Cheese with Kettle Corn-Tasting Size

Apple Crumble-Tasting/Full-Size


For additional details on the events please see the SeaWorld Website.

*SeaWorld Christmas events are handicapped accessible. Limited accessible seating is available at shows.
*Character Photo Credit, Marianne. Thank you!
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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Spaceship Earth Becomes Deathstar at Disney Parks Blog Rogue One Meetup!!

To announce the soon to be released Rogue One Star Wars movie as well as some new Star Wars additions to Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park, the Disney Parks Blog held a Meetup at Disney's Epcot. Blog readers received Rogue One t-shirts, snacks (including salted caramel stormtrooper cupcakes), trivia prize giveaways, Rogue One announcements from actor, Mads Mikkelsen (Galen Erso), and a fantastic display of projection technology morphing the iconic Spaceship Earth into an active, spinning, FIRING DEATHSTAR!

The event also included announcements from J. Michael Roddy, Show Director for Disney Creative Entertainment, about the new park experiences at Disney's Hollywood Studios:

*Starting December 16- new characters, the Advanced Weapons Resource Troopers, will appear in Star Wars A Galaxy Far Far Away. (Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! will continue to show as scheduled Dec. 16- Dec. 31.)
*Appearing now- Launch Bay contains authentic replicas from the Rogue One movie. Guests can also go behind the scenes and see how the film was made.
*Starting soon- Star Tours the Adventure Continues will take Guests to random locations including a new location revealed in Episode 8.
*Starting soon- 7-hour Star Wars Guided Tour that includes: Knowledgeable Star Wars Guide, Star Tours ride, dinner at a Quick-Service restaurant with Star Wars inspired menu, Star Wars A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party. For more information and to book this event, contact Mary Morales of Mad Hatter Adventures, the official sponsor of The Princess Papers Blog.

Lots of exciting things are heading to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Guests can also still enjoy character meet n' greets with various Star Wars characters, Star Wars Stage Shows, Star Tours, Star Wars Merchandise, and the popular March of the First Order and Patrolling Stormtroopers.

To view a recording of the live event, see the Disney Parks Blog video on YouTube

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