Monday, August 1, 2016

NEW! AbracadaBar Makes Magic at Disney's Boardwalk Resort!

AbracadaBar is located at Disney's Boardwalk Resort. It is connected to Flying Fish restaurant (scheduled to reopen August 3, 2016) in the old Seashore Sweets candy shop location. 

No reservations are needed. No discounts are accepted at this time. 
AbracadaBar is another delightful feat of Imagineering with full theming. It centers around the story of the lounge being a popular place for magicians and their mysterious disappearance from the bar. Make sure to ask the Cast Members about the fate of the magicians!

At this time, the menu only includes drinks. No food is available. Hopefully this will change when Flying Fish reopens next door. Complimentary curry-spiced popcorn and crunchy chickpeas are provided with drinks. A nice selection of themed cocktails of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety are available. 

All Cocktails are $12.00, Non-alcoholic Cocktails $5.00.
The Conjurita- Gram Centemario Plata Tequila, Cointreau, Simple Syrup, & Lime Juice. A colorful Margarita that never reveals its secrets... 

This drink includes a magic trick. The server brings the drink and shows it as a deep purple color and then pours it into a cup and back out. When it is poured out, the color has changed to a light purple. Interactive drinks are fun. The flavor is a standard margarita with a little extra fruity sweetness.
Pepper's Ghost- Ciroc Pineapple Vodka & Habanero Lime. Don't be surprised if you detect spirits and flavors that aren't meant to be seen. 

If you are a fan of the Haunted Mansion, there's a moral obligation to try this cocktail. Warning: it gives a kick! It started off with a nice soft pineapple flavor but as the evening progressed and I slowly sipped while chatting with friends, the pepper flavor became very pronounced. Although not mentioned, there is a heavy dose of cracked pepper in the drink. Those last few sips where the pepper sits at the bottom are intense!

Elixir 13- Lucid Absinthe & Water. The mysterious cocktail that may have made a room of magicians vanish into thin air...
Although we did not order this drink, our server showed us the fun glass in which it is served. I have had Lucid many times. It is powerful stuff with a very strong black licorice flavor. Proceed with caution. 

Seashore Sweet (non-alcoholic)- Odwalla Lemonade & Blue Cotton Candy. A cotton candy cretion dedicated to two BoardWalk beauty queens.

This is basically just lemonade. However, the glass comes filled with cotton candy then the lemonade is poured over it causing it to instantly disappear and the lemonade turns blue. It's a fun drink for the kids. 

Magic Mirror (non-alcoholic)- Soda Water, Honey Mango, Sprite, & Lime Juice. Drink, Drink, on the table...
Absolutely delicious. Lightly sweet and refreshing for a hot Florida evening! 

Curry-Spiced Popcorn and Crispy Chickpeas (Complimentary).

Delightful blend of savory crunch and light spice. It pairs well with the drinks. However, the Pepper's Ghost may intensify the spice of the curry. 

The Decor
Once again, much like Jock's Hangar Bar at Disney Springs and Trader Sam's at the Polynesian Village Resort, the Imagineers have filled every inch of Abracadabar with delightfully themed treasures. 

Take the time to wander around and look at every detail. It will take several visits to take it all in. We did notice that at the end of the evening (not certain if this is constantly occurring or just part of closing time), the lit up posters on the walls showing the different magicians CHANGE! The magicians all disappeared and only a puff of smoke remained in the poster. Absolutely brilliant effect!
Seating at AbracadaBar is limited. (No reservations accepted.) It includes a few stools at the bar, some high top tables, low chairs and bench seats, and a small loveseat. Outdoor tables are also available. 

*AbracadaBar is handicapped accessible. However handicapped seating is very limited. A companion restroom is available inside. 
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*Special thanks to Mary Morales of Mad Hatter Adventures for sharing AbracadaBar photos and video.

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