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Ample Hills Creamery is a new addition to the delicious treat options along the waterfront of Disney's Boardwalk Resort. It is also a short walk or boat ride from the International Gateway exit of Epcot (located between the UK and France), Disney's Hollywood Studios, and the other Epcot Resorts. With their fresh, rich ice cream, housemade mix-ins, delicious toppings and extras, not to mention the amazingly friendly and entertaining Cast Members, Ample Hills is worth scheduling into every Disney vacation! 

The Menu 
Ample Hills Creamery was founded by husband and wife team, Brian Smith and Jackie Cuscuna, five years ago in Brooklyn, New York. Their dedication to creating a quality product is evident with the very first bite. From the fresh zing of the Lemon Sky sorbet to the comforting housemade cookies made from a family recipe in Nonna D's Oatmeal Lace ice cream, every flavor is a win!

And with the help of Cast Member, Stephanie, we tried EVERY FLAVOR!

Bake/Unbaked- Vanilla ice cream with pieces of housemade chocolate chip cookies and brown butter cookie dough.
This is great LOADED ice cream! Big, fresh cookie chunks plus cookie dough makes it the best of both worlds.

Coffee Toffee Coffee- Coffee ice cream with housemade espresso-infused chocolate-covered toffee pieces.
The toffee candy in this is AMAZING, so buttery and rich! They should sell bags of it along with all of their other housemade candies! This flavor will also give you a nice boost with its double shot of espresso!

Dark Chocolate- Rich dark chocolate ice cream made with 72% E. Guittard chocolate.
This is perfect for the chocolate purists. It's made with very fine quality chocolate and the creamy texture reminded me of rich chocolate mousse.

Malty Salty Pretzel Punch- Vanilla malted ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels.
This flavor is loaded with big, crunchy, chocolate-covered pretzels for that special salty-sweet flavor and lots of crunch.

Ooey Gooey Butter Cake- The creamiest vanilla ice cream made with cream cheese and gobs of St. Louis-style ooey gooey butter cake.

This flavor is billed as "a staff favorite" and most of the Cast who I spoke with at Ample Hills at the Boardwalk Resort agreed. Although the flavor describes the addition of cream cheese, it simply adds richness. I didn't notice any tartness like a cheesecake flavored ice cream. Like it says, it's ooey and gooey.  

Peppermint Pattie- Cool peppermint ice cream with flakes of dark chocolate and housemade peppermint patties.
This has a very intense peppermint flavor. It is flooded with large blocks of delicious dark chocolate coated peppermint cream candy! It is the perfect flavor as an after-dinner treat when dining at one of the restaurants along the Boardwalk.

Sweet Cream & Cookies- Sweet cream ice cream with pieces of Back-To-Nature sandwich creme cookies.
This was shocking. It REALLY tastes like an Oreo. I am an Oreo purist. I take my Oreos very seriously. This does not just look the part; it is the closest thing that I've ever tasted to an Oreo. They have gone a step beyond just mixing cookies into vanilla ice cream. The sweet cream ice cream flavor nails the cream filling flavor of an Oreo perfectly.  It is incredible!

Chocolate Milk & Cookies- Creamy milk chocolate ice cream with pieces of Back-To-Nature sandwich creme cookies.
This is for the chocolate on chocolate fans. It is the chocolate version of the Sweet Cream & Cookies flavor. Unlike the deep dark chocolate ice cream, this is a more traditional milk chocolate flavor base.

Butter Pecan Brittle- Dark brown sugar ice cream with pieces of housemade roasted pecan brittle.
This is another flavor where the fantastic housemade candy makes it! Thick pieces of brittle give it a sweet and sticky crunch!

Cotton Candy- 100% all-natural blue cotton candy ice cream made with no artificial colors of flavors.
I didn't believe this one at first. It's a beautiful light blue, but there's nothing artificial in it. They use vegetable-based food dye and natural flavor extract. I usually shy away from cotton candy flavored things (unless they are real cotton candy). However, this was delicious! It reminded me of the scent and flavor of a big, fresh, fluffy marshmallow. Kids will LOVE this one!

Lemon Sky- Light and billowy lemon ginger sorbet made with a splash of limoncello. Dairy-free and vegan.
Not only is this a great option for those who want something dairy-free or vegan, but it is also 99% allergy-free (cross-contamination is possible). It's a delicious and REFRESHING option for those on restricted diets. It also is perfect for a hot Florida summer day. Consider this the best frozen lemonade you've ever tasted. 

Nonna D's Oatmeal Lace- Dark brown sugar cinnamon ice cream with housemade oatmeal lace cookies.
This is another one of my Top Picks. The recipe for the housemade cookies was Jackie's (the owner) mother's and this is a tribute to her memory. Oatmeal lace cookies are very thin with a unique caramel-like flavor. They are the perfect addition to the hint of cinnamon in the sweet ice cream.

PB Wins the Cup-Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter chocolate flakes and housemade peanut butter cups.
The definite winner for any peanut butter fan. But, do not expect typical peanut butter cup candy. This is SO MUCH BETTER!  The rich housemade peanut butter cup chunks taste like a decadent homemade peanut butter Easter egg. They have intense peanut butter flavor that you just don't find in commercial mass-produced candy. Fantastic!

Strawberries and Cream- Smooth and pure strawberry ice cream.
Sometimes simple is best. This is REAL strawberries and cream. It's as simple as that.

Vanilla Bean- Vanilla bean ice cream made with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans.
This creamy vanilla has the finest vanilla flavor made from the finest vanilla beans. Pair it with the rich dark chocolate and pure strawberries and cream for a Neapolitan treat unlike any other.

Sally Sells Seashells- Fresh and fluffy orange marshmallow ice cream with housemade salty chocolate seashells.

This flavor is made exclusively for the Ample Hills Creamery location at Disney's Boardwalk Resort. It rounds out my list of favorites. The pairing of chocolate and orange is classic, but this raises the bar with refreshing fluffy bright orange flavor and decadent housemade chocolate candies. The huge fine chocolate seashells make this like having two desserts in one. It's a MUST TRY!

The problem with Ample Hills is that it's SO hard to decide which flavor to choose! Luckily, you don't have to. Unlike most ice cream shops, the amount of choices is only limited by the size of the cup. On our flavor tasting tour, the awesome Stephanie told us that she's been able to fit up to 8 small scoops of different flavors into a small cup!!  You can also choose a cone. They even have specialty cones like cookie, m&m, pretzel, and chocolate chip!

Oh, and the toppings are free. Choose none, one, or ALL! It's your creation! 

Our first choice was a Small Cup ($5.79) with Baked/Unbaked, Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake, Nonna D's Oatmeal Lace, and ALL the toppings! Toppings include rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, mini M&M's, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, whipped cream, and cherries! Something to note is that this is not the typical light whipped cream. Ample Hills tops its treats with thick, rich, real whipped cream that is a few stirs away from being butter. It's the good stuff. And there's no lack of quality on the final cherry on top. Do not expect a glow-in-the-dark plastic tasting cherry. The cherries are nothing less than gourmet quality. From the bottom of the cup to the cherry on top, each bite is pure excellence.

Our second selection of a Small Cup ($5.79) included Strawberries and Cream, Dark Chocolate, Nonna D's Oatmeal Lace, and Sally Sells Seashells topped with chocolate syrup, mini M&M's, rainbow sprinkles, their luscious whipped cream, and a sweet gourmet cherry. YUM!
Don't forget that there's also the option to create a sundae too! The Sundaes ($8.49) have the addition of either a brownie or piece of ooey gooey butter cake as the base (both are also available individually). Ample Hills even provides a handy guide to help Guests put it all together! It's painted right on the wall. 

The Decor
Ample Hills Creamery has a delightfully whimsical decor with little surprises in every corner. Be sure to look around at all the details. Symbols of each Theme Park are painted on the walls, including the former icon of Disney's Hollywood Studios, Earful Tower. Special note: this is the only location on property where it still exists and once a new icon is chosen, it will be removed.  

There is also another special little decoration hanging on the wall. It's a postcard from the original Ample Hills location in Brooklyn, New York, sending well wishes to the Boardwalk location. 
And don't miss the making of the delicious Ample Hills creations from start to finish. An open kitchen has windows from inside the shop and outside along the Boardwalk. 
Ample Hills also has a fabulously fun Cast! Be sure to say hello to Stephanie and ask her about all the Ample Hills history details. She can answer any questions and introduce you to Princess Lemon Sky who may be (easily) persuaded to perform a quick Magic Kingdom Festival of Fantasy parade dance.

Finally, for those Guests brave enough to taste every flavor, a special gift announcing the accomplishment to the world is presented from the Cast. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it! Welcome to the Disney family Ample Hills Creamery!

*A special thank you to Stephanie, Area Manager Brandon, Princess Lemon Sky, and all of the amazingly welcoming Cast of Ample Hills Creamery.
*Disney Dining Plan snack credits are accepted for select items noted on the menu. 
*Ample Hills is handicapped accessible. The entrance doors are not automatic. If you need additional assistance, Cast Members will help you.
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