Monday, June 13, 2016

A NEW Disney Storybook for ALL AGES! The Sweet Adventures! of Denim & Rose!!

Whether you're a Disney fan, lover of sweets, or want to share some adorable heartwarming stories with the little princess in your life, you will be charmed by the SWEET friendship of Denim and Rose. The Sweet Adventures! of Denim & Rose is a new story series developed by international artist, Holly G! and written by yours truly, Princess Jeanie!
Please come support our creation and help make the world a little bit SWEETER!
Disney! Sweet Treats! Fantasy! And SOOOOOO MUCH CUTE!!!
Welcome to The Sweet Adventures of Denim Sparkles and Rose Glitter!
Meet Rose Glitter and Denim Sparkles, two teen gal pals who have worked hard all school year and are ready to embark on their very first summer adventure on their own. But this isn't just any summer adventure. Rose and Denim are exploring the Theme Parks and Resorts of Walt Disney World on a QUEST. Their quest is to find the best, most indulgent, Holy Grail, sweet-treats that will make their mouths water and their hearts sing. They will encounter evil Disney villains, brave rough river rapid rides, bake in the hot Florida sun, and hobble on aching feet to achieve their goal of eating each mouth-watering, special treat!! Most importantly, their adventures will teach them how sweet friendship can be!

Pledging and Rewards
All Patrons will see a glimpse into the creation process of Sweet Adventures! This will include lots of Disney Parks trips and lots of little behind-the-scenes surprises. For those who pledge at the "Cookie" level and above, each Sweet Adventure short story will be delivered to you digitally as it is created. And, for the awesome Patrons who would like to enjoy a bit of their own Sweet Adventures!, there are other great rewards that will bring you into a world of fantasy where you can follow along with Rose and Denim. So, grab your favorite treat, relax, and enjoy a fun sweet adventure.
Ultimately, these stories will be combined into a book with a few extra stories added and a beautiful illustration for each of Denim and Rose's Sweet Adventures!
So, come join Rose and Denim on their Sweet Adventures!  Maybe YOU will become a part of the story too?

About the Creators, Holly and Jeanie
Sweet Adventures! is illustrated by Artist, Holly K Golightly. Holly has worked in the comic industry on projects such as Archie Comics', "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" and "Josie & the Pussycats." She is also the creator behind many projects such as "School Bites" & "Prince Pangur Ban the Fluffy." Holly works with her husband, Jim Balent, publishing creator-owned comics through their publishing company, BroadSword Comics. Their flagship comic, "Tarot Witch of the Black Rose" will hit its #100th issue this September! On the rare days when she isn't creating beautiful art for the world, Holly enjoys vacationing at Walt Disney World.  She also enjoys indulging in the many sweet treats that are unique to those trips. Her most recent favorite is the BB-8 cupcake found in Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Sweet Adventures! is written by Author, Jeanie Gallo. Jeanie has worked as a writer in the legal field and engineering industry. For the past few years, she has been happily writing a Disney-themed Blog, The Princess Papers. She currently lives in her new castle near Walt Disney World and you may find her in the parks or resorts scribbling away, writing all about Denim and Rose's Sweet Adventures! Her favorite Disney sweets are the classic Mickey chocolate-coated crisp rice treat tied with the special Disney adorable caramel apples. You can never go wrong with the classics!
How Denim and Rose Were Born
When Holly met Jeanie, who is a fan of Holly's "School Bites" series, and they realized that they are BOTH big Disney fans, BOTH have a serious sweet tooth, BOTH are an only child, BOTH love the world of fantasy and imagination in fiction, AND BOTH HAVE REALLY FUN HAIR, an instant bond formed! Fate took hold and Rose and Denim were born.
In Sweet Adventures!, Holly and Jeanie take you into the fantasy of their dream childhood with the creation of Rose and Denim. Through them, Holly and Jeanie share with you how they would have experienced the magic of Walt Disney World as teen best friends exploring the "World" together.
Sweet Adventures! is a CELEBRATION of youth, fantasy, happiness, and wonderment!
Plus, a few sweet sprinkles and a cherry on top!


“There it is, Rose,” said Denim, as she lifted her arm from her side blindingly searching to clasp onto Rose’s hand.
“Yeahhh,” Rose responded in an almost breathless gasp.
The two teen girls stood wide-eyed at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom staring up at the Main Street U.S. A. Train Station.  Their fingers intertwined together as Denim’s hand finally found Rose’s.
“I didn’t think we’d ever make it, Rose.”
“Me either, Denim. I skipped lunches in the school cafeteria since Christmas to save up for this annual pass!”
Rose slid her free hand along her annual pass that was dangling off of her neck from a pink lanyard that was similar in color to her long braided hair. Her eyes never looked down as she continued to gaze up in awe.
Denim tugged on Rose’s hand and they turned towards each other. The glazed-0ver look in their eyes quickly morphed into one of sheer determination.
“Now, we must not get caught up in all the delicious distractions, Rose! We have an ultimate goal! We must stay strong and focus on the prize. We have annual passes now and school is out for the summer.  We have plenty of time. It will all be worth it in the end.” Denim stared intently into Rose’s eyes and squeezed her hand tightly. “Are you ready, Rose?”
“Yes! I’m ready, Denim.”
The two girls started giggling and practically jumped in the air as they dashed towards bag-check to the left of the entrance of the Magic Kingdom, still holding hands. In unison, they slung their backpacks off of their shoulders and down onto the table.
“Wow, by the looks of all these patches, we have a couple of Disney experts here,” said the security officer as he reached for their bags to inspect them.
Both of the girls’ backpacks were covered in patches and buttons from all different attractions and resorts at Walt Disney World. Although the guard wasn’t wrong about their expertise, neither of them had been to any of the Parks much, other than an occasional family trip when guests from out of town would visit.  However, since they became best friends all the way back in first grade, they spent most of their time together planning their dream trips for when they finally were old enough to save up for annual passes and go together on their own. They both memorized the Park maps, searched the internet for news about new attractions, and most importantly, learned about every, single, ooey, gooey, mouth-watering, sugary, delicious, treat.
Finally, the time had arrived.  They saved their pennies, did extra chores, skipped school lunches (although Denim never felt that was too much of a sacrifice), and even dug for loose change in the couch cushions. They had their list of special Disney treats and one by one, their dreams were about to come true as they found them.
“We’re gonna cover EVERY inch with more by the time our new passes are up in a year!” said Rose. She held up her annual pass showing the Minnie Mouse image on the back side of it to the security officer.
“Well then don’t let me hold you up a second longer.” He handed them back their bags and bowed forward slightly. “Have a magical day, Princesses.”
Rose and Denim burst out into silly-girl giggles at being called princesses. Denim’s cheeks even flushed a bit as she accepted her bag back from the smiling man. Rose pulled her along out of the covered bag-check area towards the entrance gate.
“Denim, my cheeks hurt. I’m smiling so hard that my cheeks actually hurt!”
“We haven’t even made it into the Park yet, Rose!”
“I KNOW! But, but… it’s just sooo awesome. It’s just you and me and magic…”
Denim cut her off, “And SWEETS!”
“Mmm, sweets,” Rose mumbled.
Rose began humming along with the music that filled the air, despite the fact that she wasn’t even certain what song played. Both girls pulled out their annual passes from their lanyards. The entrance was new since the last time either of them had visited. It was all open with no real turnstiles. It was just a few poles with round balls on the top of each one that had a Mickey Mouse icon on the front. Without anything blocking the way, it was tempting to walk right inside.
“Please tap your ticket or Magicband on Mickey and place your finger on the scanner,” instructed the young male Cast Member standing at the end of the grouping of poles.
Rose did as he instructed. A circle of light began to spin around the Mickey icon and it lit up green.
“How cool!” Said Rose.
“Have a magical day,” the Cast Member responded as Rose began to skip into the park staring up, once again, at the Train Station as a train pulled in and smoke billowed up out of the engine.
After a few seconds, she noticed she was alone. She turned around. Denim was still standing at the turnstile poles. As she walked back towards her, she noticed that when Denim placed her finger on the scanner, the color spinning around the Mickey was blue instead of green.
Rose laughed at Denim, “How did you get it to turn the color of your hair, Denim? I’d love to see it light up pink like mine when I do it.”
“Very funny, Rose. I don’t think that’s what’s supposed to happen.”
Denim stood at the turnstile pouting. A different Cast Member, an older female, approached holding a hand-held scanner.
“I’m sorry, Princess,” she began.
Rose leaned over to whisper to Denim, “We’re princesses again? It’s like they know we’re special.”
Denim smiled at the woman and tried to ignore Rose.
“Can I get your name and photo identification, please? Then we can get you on your way as quickly as possible,” the Cast Member continued.
“Yes, my name is Denim Sparkles.” Denim smiled, pulled her driver’s license out of her lanyard and handed it over.  “It’s new. I just got it last week.”
Rose interrupted again excitedly rambling, “Doesn’t her blue hair look amazing in the picture? She always takes such good pictures, even on a driver’s license. She just had to get her license so we could come here now that school is out.  We have a mission! We’re gonna eat the most delicious sweets we can find in the parks. We have a list of them! Oh, and hi! I’m her bestest friend in the whole wide world, Rose, Rose Glitter!”
The Cast Member looked at Rose. She smiled approvingly then glanced down at the license, “It is a pleasure to meet you both. And yes, her picture is quite lovely. How about we take another?”
She raised up the scanner. Denim smiled.
“Beautiful! If you ever come back and the finger scanner doesn’t turn green, just tell them that we have your picture. You’re all set now to continue on with your special SWEET mission. Have a magical day, Princesses.”
“You betcha!” Denim responded. “Thank you!”
Denim grabbed Rose’s hand and took off towards the underpass on the left side of the Train Station towards Main Street U.S.A. Rose turned back towards the woman and waved as she walked, yelling to her, “Have a magical day!”
As the girls emerged on the opposite side of the underpass, they stopped dead in their tracks and slowly looked around. There was something about that first glance of Main Street that made their bellies do flips and get butterflies. It was a sunny day and the ornately detailed buildings that lined the street seemed to glow. The clip-clop sound of the horse pulling a trolley car echoed lightly through the music that filled the air. Guests rushed around in all directions. In the distance, a colorful, massive bouquet of balloons peeked up over all their heads. Just then, Rose caught the scent of the buttery, freshly-popped popcorn from the stand next to them. She closed her eyes. Her chest raised as she inhaled deeply.

*You can find Jeanie on Twitter @PrincessPapers and on Facebook @ThePrincessPapers and @JeanieGallo. You can also hear her on The Disney Dream Girls Podcast @DisDreamGirls on Twitter!
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