Friday, December 11, 2015

Everything Star Wars, Disney's Hollywood Studios

It is the dawn of a new era at Walt Disney World. Star Wars is coming! In addition to the Star Tours Attraction, a new Star Wars experience has now opened at Disney's Hollywood Studios, the Launch Bay.  You can also catch a short film, "Path of the Jedi," and of course, a few Star Wars themed food items and CUPCAKES are available for purchase throughout the Park.

Launch Bay

The most talked about new Star Wars event is the Launch Bay at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It is separated into several areas. 

Launch Bay Theater
This shows a film that gives a preview of the upcoming movie as well as some interesting interviews. As you can see, long lines are expected! And even the trash cans show that Disney attention to detail. 

Celebration Gallery 
This room houses some great exhibits.


 Meet Chewbacca and Encounter Darth Vader and Rey's Speeder
These character Meet n' Greets and exhibits are on the lower level of the Launch Bay.

Unfortunately, this is not a real bar. For my fellow princesses, watch out for those Jawa trying to get your sparklies!


Star Wars Game Center
I'm sure a few kids (and adults) could spend the day here.

Preview Gallery

Launch Bay Cargo
For all your Star Wars shopping needs, even those things you didn't realize you needed!



The Path of the Jedi
This short film located in the old Sounds Dangerous theater is an exclusive screening that follows Luke on his journey to become a Jedi.

The Food
The Backlot Express is currently the home of the Star Wars themed food at Hollywood Studios. It's not much different than the standard menu. There are a few little touches added. I'm certain there will be more menu creativity throughout the park as time goes by. 

Corellian Spice Fries ($4.99) Parmesan, garlic, and parsley-seasoned fries tossed-to-order.  Standard french fries with a little bit of seasoning and sitting on Star Wars paper.

Galactic  Chicken Salad (9.99) Mixed greens with chicken, crisp corn tortilla, and black bean relish with avocado and cilantro vinaigrette.  Get the dressing on the side. It's so acidic and seems almost separated in texture. It is not pleasant at all. The black beans were surprisingly spicy...too spicy for me to eat.  And the R2-D2 crisp corn tortilla did not come off as such. My fellow Catholics will find it to be very similar to a communion wafer in both taste and texture.

Blue Milk Panna Cotta (4.39) No sugar added.  This is pudding that tastes exactly like milk. It is not sweet and has no added flavor. It is topped with whole blueberries that seem to be previously frozen, thawed berries. They also are NOT sweet. I liked the clean taste of it, but many kids may be disappointed by the unsweetened flavor.

BB-8 Rice Krispy Treat. This is also available in many stores. It's very orange! The surprise is that it has m&m's mixed in.  That was a surprisingly nice touch!
*All of the listed Star Wars features are handicapped accessible. 
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