Saturday, December 26, 2015

Attractionistas, Disney Dolls

While casually shopping in Animal Kingdom Park last night, I came across these beautiful dolls. They are called, Attractionistas. Not only are they beautiful and trendy, they are each themed to a different Theme Park Attraction. The only reason that I didn't purchase one yet is because I can't decide which is my favorite! 
Dolls are $24.95, retail price.
(Dolls are also available at The website also includes a Jungle Cruise themed doll not shown here and not available in the Animal Kindgom shop at the time of my visit.)

Gracey loves the nighttime. For her friends, she is a reassuring voice in scary situations. Along with her trusty bat, Grimm, she can decorate a room that's "to die for!" At the Haunged Mansion attraction, all 999 residents feel like old pals that she's known for an eternity.

Pearl enjoys travel and seeks adventure with her parrot, Jolly Roger. In addition to telling stories of her adventures, Pearl uses the treasures that she finds to accessorize her outfits. She feels right at home on board her favorite attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean.

London-born Maddie visits the U.S. with her white rabbit "Sugar". She loves to spin around and say silly rhymes, so she's right at home on the Mad Tea Party! Attraction. She only stops her spinning for a proper spot of tea.

With her greyhound, Rocky, by her side, Celeste loves to gaze at the stars and planets, through her telescope. Her favorite attraction, Space Mountain, appeals to her scientific nature and fuels her dreams of exploration and space travel. 

Equestrian Carrie fancies that for every ''down'' in life, there is an ''up.'' On her outings to the Disney Parks, she can be found riding around and around on the Fantasyland Carousel, her ponytail swirling behind the dancing steeds (from DisneyStore website).

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