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Review Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar!

You can hear my full detailed review of Jock's on Episode 68 of the Disney Dream Girls Podcast. Click HERE to Listen! 

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar is a new themed bar located in the Landing (previously Pleasure Island) section of Disney Springs.  I actually hesitate to call it a "bar" because Jock's is ooooh so much more.  Jock's is an ATTRACTION! For those of you who love what happens when Disney Imagineers, some of the best creative minds on the planet, are given the opportunity to do what they do best and create magic, THIS is the place for you.  It is the best themed, immersive environment, attraction that I've seen in a very long time and I am extremely happy to find this type of Imagineering again.  I'll post a few photos after the food review, but they don't do it justice. Every inch of the place is themed. Hidden details are everywhere. Just go...then go again...and again.  You will always find something new. Each time will be a new Adventure!

If it's your first trip to Jock's, your server will be happy to tell you all about the story behind Jock's Hangar Bar.  It's rather detailed (awesome, isn't it?) and even each food and drink option has a story behind it.  It's all gathered in Jock's pilot log book from his global adventures.  You will find some very unique flavor inspirations from all over the world. It's not your typical bar menu, but everything I tried was hands-down delicious. 

(look familiar?)

"Squid, Why'd It Have To Be Squid?" (14.99) Fried Calamari Flatbread with Harissa Spread

First, this is a fabulous looking dish. The fresh leafy greens topping piles of massive tentacles (and ONLY tentacles) showcase the fun theming of Jock's menu.  But then when you bite into the squid, heaven. They are light and crisp. Not a bit of chewy texture.  The BEST calamari I have ever had. The harissa sauce has a sweet roasted red pepper flavor with just enough kick to give a little lip tingle. 
And to showcase the TRUE massive size of these squid, here's a picture for perspective. It leads one to wonder if Jock had a run-in with a Kraken during his travels.

High marks on the yum + fun scale!

Tanis Tacos (9.49) A Lost City Specialty! Filled with Falafel, Shredded Lettuce, and Cucumber Tomato Salad
Three flaky, crispy, flour tortillas filled to the top with lettuce and perfectly diced little fresh cubes of cucumber and tomato, then each topped with a large, hearty falafel. The falafel are soft in the middle with a nice crisp crust. Enough food for a meal!

Air Pirate's Pretzels (8.99) A flight of Everything Pretzels with House-made Mustard and Beer-Cheese Fondue
The presentation of the pretzels alone is worth ordering it. Not only is it served in the lovely metal frame plane, but it also comes zooming through the air WITH airplane noises, courtesy of your server! I mentioned this is a fun place and well-themed, right?
Whereas the flatbread and tacos could easily be made a meal, the pretzels are more traditional bar fare. They have a mild flavor and work well with a cocktail or beer (or two). There are PLENTY for the table to share! They are topped with black and white sesame seeds as well as caraway.
Even after they cooled, they stayed soft and did not get tough, as you can see from the thumb print squish test.
The pretzels come with two dipping sauces. One is a spicy mustard with a lightly sweet flavor.  The other is beer-cheese fondue.  I'm not usually a fan of beer-cheese because it often tastes very salty and processed.  This is definitely more of the described fondue. It is a rich white sauce base with a slight hint of beer and a nice sharp cheddar flavor. 
How thick and rich is this cheese fondue you may ask?  This thick!
That pretzel isn't going anywhere. No drips from this cheese. It's silky and indulgent and worth every calorie. 

For those with gluten sensitivity, there are two items on the menu that cater to your needs, the Good Dates and the Brody's Brats. Also, if you look closely at the menu, there are several vegetarian options.  I was told that the Snack of Ra (breads with salads and dips) does include chicken.  However, it can be a vegetarian dish on request. While I was there, I saw the chef spend an extensive amount of time with a table.  Despite being a "bar," it is obvious that the same concern for Guests' special dietary needs are being addressed just as you see in all other Disney restaurants.

The servers at Jock's are very knowledgeable about the specialty drinks and can help you with any questions, but make sure you read the menu in the pilot's log book. It's very entertaining and Jock's worldly travels are well-documented in their descriptions (see photos below). We ordered one of the signature "Jocktails" and a specialty non-alcoholic drink as well.

The Cool-Headed Monkey (10.25, souvenir mug additional 15.00) Starr African Rum, Van Der Hum Tangerine Liqueur, Fresh Lime Juice, Watermelon, and Pineapple Juice

This Jocktail is a delicious rum punch with a strong pineapple flavor. It's almost too easy to drink! And again, for perspective to show how sizable this mug is, a picture...

Make sure to maintain a two-handed firm grip on your monkey at all times! (No seriously, I spilled mine before the first sip. You don't want to waste a drop!) If you become attached to the charming monkey face staring at you, you may purchase one to take home for $15. You will receive a new one that is wrapped up in a protective box and bagged up for your convenience.

I hear that there's a shipment of several designs of glasses themed to various cocktails that's currently drifting on a boat in the Dead Sea, or maybe it was held up in a sandstorm in the Sahara, or perhaps it was accidentally shipped to a small village in West Africa and the villagers liked them so much that they adopted them as a new form of currency? Don't quote me on any of the details, half way through the monkey head things got a little bit blurry. Nonetheless, in addition to the monkey, several other collectible souvenir glasses are ON THE WAY and will soon be available for purchase!

For those who would prefer cocktails of the non-alcoholic variety, you will find a nice selection. 

Teddy's Tea (3.79) Green Tea with Mint and Tangerine
It's light and refreshing and pairs well with the light spice of the food.

Additional available beverages.

Inside Jock's you will find a variety of seating options. There are low tables, high tables, and a bar with stools.  Outside, you will find a large patio that overlooks the water and a large open-air boat that hovers off the side of the deck. We sat in the boat (The Reggie, yes, there's a story!) and enjoyed the gorgeous view and comfortable breeze. As I stated earlier, the entire place is heavily themed.  If you have encountered the Giggle Gang clowns in the new Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom, you will see a news clip about them in the newspaper hanging on the wall at the entrance.  As far as the other details go, well, you'll have to take a trip to Jock's and go on your own adventure!  ENJOY!


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