Tuesday, September 15, 2015


A new Star Wars merchandise store has opened in Disney's Hollywood Studios. Hidden back in the buildings at the exit of the now closed Backlot Tour, across from Studio Catering Co., is Watto's Grotto.

It's two huge rooms of Star Wars! It's not packed like most gift shops, so I suspect more merchandise is on the way.  The theming of the store is fun and the Star Wars music playing completes the atmosphere. It's actually one of the best themed places Disney has designed for this park in years!

As you can see, there's lots to choose from including: clothing, backpacks, artwork, lightsabers, and toys. My favorite was this little spinner carry-on R2-D2 luggage. But, I think you may be able to pick up an actual used droid for the price. 

A soft-sided version was a fraction of the cost and had a push button to activate lights and sounds similar to the lunch box that has been around for awhile. However, the buttons didn't work on any of the ones sitting out on the shelves...no sale.

Instead, I picked up this cute little number. 
There was an R2-D2 version as well, but I hear the Darkside has cookies!

So, on your next trip over to Hollywood Studios, stop in at Watto's Grotto and look around. To find it, just take a right at the Hoth ship.

*Watto's Grotto is handicapped accessible.
*The store has no dressing rooms. However, clothing may be returned to any Disney location within 30 days for refund.
*Thank you to the wonderful and happy Cast Member, Amanda from Pittsburgh, who was so helpful and friendly even at store-closing time!
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