Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Disney French Quarter Quick Dining Review

If you fancy a family-friendly Disneyfied version of the New Orleans French Quarter for dinner, then take a trip over to Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory food court at Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter Resort.

Inside, you are greeted by large Mardi Gras float decorations hanging overhead and a mix of unmatched dining chairs and tables for a very casual feel.

There are a variety of food options set out in food court style. You will find traditional dining favorites like burgers and pizza, but they also have specialty items like freshly made beignets (classic New Orleans donuts). More on that later!

For our dinner, we ordered the Make Your Own Salad ($11.49). 

I've discovered a love of Make Your Own Salads at Disney. They are also available at all the Disney Value Resorts. They have a variety of options and each location seems to have their own spin on basic salad items as well as protein toppings. Here, the only options were chicken or shrimp. I choose the shrimp.  Since the salads are made to order by hand with your choices, the quantity of each ingredient may vary.  The very kind young gentleman making my salad loaded it up with nearly 20 shrimp mixed into it (large size, boiled in old bay seasoning, served cold)!! I'm not sure if this is the standard portion here, but it was very generous.

We also ordered the Tortellini with Spinach and Sausage, served with a Breadstick ($8.79).

Surprisingly, when my husband said, "I think I'd like to try the tortellini," the Cast Member responded with, "Go get a fork."  She handed him a small dish filled with tortellini as a sample.  This was the first time that I have ever experienced that at a Disney food court and it was nice to see that Guests have the opportunity to make a more informed choice on their meals. (This may also prevent some crankiness later in the day, even with adults.)

My husband enjoyed his meal.  I had a bite and I found the pasta to be very overcooked and mushy.  However, if you don't mind the soft texture, you may still enjoy it. There was a lot of flavor and a lot of spinach. It was a very hearty meal.

We also ordered the obligatory Beignets ($3.29 for 3). Large size of 6 is also available. VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT PICK THEM UP AT THE COUNTER UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO EAT THEM!!  

Beignets are delicate donuts. They must be made fresh and eaten while hot or they become instantly tough.  You may pay for these with your meal, but wait to order them until you are ready to eat them. Just take your receipt to the bakery counter at that time.  Do not attempt to take them to your room for breakfast the next day. You will be sadly disappointed when you can't chew them come morning.

The Disney version are not as heavy as the ones you will find at Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter of New Orleans, but they are a tasty and unique treat and I recommend that you get an order to share.

Around the resort, you can find lots of unique things to do.  There is a horse-drawn carriage ride that strolls around the "streets."  Also, there is a large pool with a very unique serpent slide and a playground.  For a bit of an adult treat, a pool bar is available.

*Sassagoula Floatworks is handicapped accessible.
*Disney Dining Plan accepted.
*Tables in Wonderland Discounts apply to food court items.
*Contact Guest Services at the Concierge Desk for information on horse-drawn carriage rides.

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