Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Viva La Mexico La Cantina de San Angel- It's NOT Taco Bell!

La Cantina de San Angel in Mexico at Epcot offers not only a beautiful view of the World Showcase, it also provides fresh, delicious, and quick dining.  But, don't be surprised when you try the food. This is NOT Taco Bell!

Mexico is the first country that you encounter in the Epcot World Showcase (if you head to the left). It hosts two table-service restaurants but also has La Cantina for a quick-service option (Disney Dining Plan Quick-Service credits are accepted here.)

The seating is outdoor and offers views out over the water to the World Showcase, making it a prime location for viewing Illuminations fireworks. Additional tables are located around the side of the main Mexico pavilion outside.  Also, Guests may go inside the attached La Hacienda restaurant to La Cantina (AVAILABLE DURING LUNCH HOURS ONLY) when it is not serving, and enjoy air-conditioned seating.

The menu offers classic Mexican fare such as tacos, nachos, and empanadas. But they also have a lighter option of a salad as well.

We chose the Tacos de Pescado (12.25), Seasoned (battered) fried fish, homemade corn tortillas, Mexican rice, refried black beans, slaw and Habanero aioli. (3 small tacos per order)

The fish was crispy on the outside and flaky inside and the homemade corn tortillas are simply amazing! The little bit of slaw added a light refreshing touch. There was nothing really spicy about this dish for those who are concerned about heavy seasonings.


We also tried the Ensalada Mexicana (8.95) with grilled chicken added (3.25), tossed romaine lettuce, arugula, red and white cabbage, black beans, corn, olive oil and lime juice. The salad wasn't anything spectacular but it was a light fresh option on a hot evening. I particularly appreciated that they served the hot grilled chicken in a container on the side. Whereas the fish tacos were slightly petite, this salad was a huge portion and I was unable to finish it all.

I'm not really sure why we received a huge side dish of guacamole since it was not listed on the menu with either of the items we ordered.  However, it was tasty but also was the spiciest item that we received. 

Overall, La Cantina de San Angel is a great option for quick-service dining in Epcot.  It's not your typical Taco Bell food, but I think that's probably a good thing. It is also conveniently located near Future World if your plans involve staying on that side of the park for the day. 

*To experience La Cantina de San Angel, contact Katerine at Happily Ever After Travel by clicking the link on the right side of this page and requesting your free trip quote. Don't forget to tell her the Princess sent you!

*La Cantina de San Angel is handicap accessible and has a few select handicapped tables.  However, seating is tight. More accessible seating is available outside to the right of the entrance to the main Mexico pavilion. Follow the handicapped ramp on the right side. Tables are located on the elevated level.


  1. One of my favorite places to eat at Epcot. Great article.

  2. Thanks. Glad that you enjoyed it. It's a delicious place!

  3. I have never seen anything about the MEXICO, this place is wonderful to thank you for putting light into this place. And now I want to be there.