Monday, August 17, 2015

Lion King Themed Treats

Cute packaging makes these adorable Lion King themed treats a fun choice when visiting the Disney Parks. 

For those participating in the dining plan, the white chocolate covered Simba crisp rice treats, lollipops, animal crackers, gummy spiders, gummy centipedes, and candy rocks are all available for a snack credit.

Additional Lion King themed treats include zebra striped popcorn and chocolate alligators!

I decided to try out the candy rocks. Although they were displayed next to the gummy spiders and centipedes, it was unclear what the rocks were. I was expecting them to be a candy coated malted milk ball or chocolate treat based on the picture.

However, this is where cute packaging betrayed me and I neglected to read the ingredients list (beyond sugar). The candy rocks were, in fact, big jelly beans.  I enjoy jelly beans. However, there's a reason why spice flavored jelly beans and fruit flavored ones are usually sold separately.  The first "rock" that I tried was  a pretty light blue color....wintergreen flavor (which I promptly disposed of).  The second one was yellow...banana flavor.  Other flavors include cherry, licorice, grape, and cinnamon, I THINK.  I didn't get very far into trying the flavors because my taste buds were overwhelmed from the first lick of wintergreen.

Although this is a cute snack, it would be nice to have a flavor guide list on the package. One bite of wintergreen to start ruined my anticipated sweet experience. I would also venture to say that these flavors are not exactly "kid friendly." If you would like a fun tasting adventure, this is the treat for you.  Proceed at your own risk!