Wednesday, August 12, 2015

DVC Typhoon Lagoon Beach Bash Event

Tonight DVC (Disney Vacation Club) hosted one of several Typhoon Lagoon Beach Bash private events.
There's nothing quiet like a Disney after-hours private event. Even a few brief moments of having a park all to yourself are simply...magical. 


I was fortunate enough to attend the DVC hosted Beach Bash at Typhoon Lagoon tonight.  This was a members only event that included free admission, DJ dance party entertainment, and complimentary refreshments.
Occasionally, DVC treats its members to special events. The Beach Bash nights were definitely a hit. It was great to enjoy the park in the evening without the hot burning Florida sun. Also, the crowds were minimal at this private function. That's always a great thing!

The DJ and Disney Dancers kept the party going with games and lots of dancing on the beach.

And a few friends came to join in on the fun as well, including the Big Cheese himself all decked out in his beach party gear.

To keep all the Guests happy, an endless supply of chips, cookies, ice cream novelties, lemonade, and water were constantly stocked at various locations in the park. I think everyone from young to old had a smudge of melted chocolate from a Mickey ice cream bar or ice cream sandwich on their face at some point during the night.

Of course there was a little special something for the adults as well. Jon and Gabe where there to make sure everyone had an EXCELLENT time at the event. (Alcohol not included with event and available only as a cash bar.)

Thanks to DVC for hosting another wonderful event!  If you would like to learn more about the Disney Vacation Club, go to the Walt Disney World website.  

*Disclosure: Although I was a Guest of DVC for the Typhoon Lagoon Beach Bash event, that did not bias my opinions for this article.

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  1. Looks like that many people turned up for the event. It is quite evident that the people like the event a lot and are happy to be there and enjoy it at its full swing.