Monday, July 13, 2015

Sesame Place: Images of Modern America

It's hard to find anyone who isn't familiar with the classic PBS TV show for kids, Sesame Street.  Did you know that there's an amusement park in Pennsylvania dedicated entirely to Sesame Street?!  And now, there's a book showcasing the park as it has grown throughout the years.

Sesame Place: Images of Modern America by Guy Hutchinson and Chris Mercaldo is a fantastic pictorial overview of the park's history.  It's hard to keep from smiling while glancing through these glossy colored pictures!  

I don't personally have children, but I would guess that this may be fascinating enough even for the little ones to take an interest in looking through the pictures and seeing amazing things like a life size Cookie Monster or fun water slides. 
So, go pick up this book, sit it out on the coffee table, and see what happens.  WARNING: You may be booking a trip to the park once the kids see it.  But the great news is you will ALREADY have the perfect souvenir from the trip. 

You can purchase SIGNED COPIES of Sesame Place: Images of Modern America HERE.
Also available on Amazon Here. 

And make sure you take a listen to Guy Hutchinson on his awesome podcast, Drunk on Disney, along with co-hosts Bart Scott, author of Ears of Steel:A Man's Guide to Walt Disney World (see my review here) and Dana Snyder, voice-over actor extraordinaire. OF COURSE YOU KNEW THERE WAS A DISNEY TIE-IN SOMEWHERE!

Have a listen to my VERY FUN appearance on the Drunk on Disney Podcast: Digestif for Episode 41 HERE, with discussions of 99Bananas, Mothra, and of course, Disney's Flower and Garden Festival!

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