Monday, April 20, 2015

The Grooviest Guide to Star Wars Weekends, Halloween in Orlando, and MORE!

With Disney's Star Wars Weekends starting very soon in May, I was happy to stumble across the most delightfully illustrated ebook, Fears & Ears A Survival Guide to Orlando, Florida for Goths, Geeks & Freaks! that gives great tips!  The author, Holly G!, not only provides details for Star Wars Weekends, but for those of us who are simply mad about Halloween in Orlando (yes, Universal is included), there's info for that as well! Of course, the guide also includes a nice selection of suggestions to save money on your vacation. Who doesn't want a few more money saving tips??

The most unique part of the Fears & Ears guide book is the fact that it is chalked full of charming illustrations that really made me smile. Holly not only provides a written manual, but she has placed herself into the book (in cartoon form) as your personal guide.  All of her excitement and enthusiasm for Orlando attractions is conveyed through her art. It all makes the $1.99 download price an absolute STEAL!

You will find that there is no doubt what a fan of Disney and Star Wars Holly is as you read through the guide (unlike some popular books that seem to be written on commission by people who are not well-traveled park fans). She and her husband, Jim Balent (of the comics Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose and Catwoman fame), were engaged at the Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World AND had a fully-themed Star Wars wedding in Orlando (photos and details included in the book).

I had the pleasure of speaking with Holly about her book:

What made you decide to create the Fears & Ears Orlando guide book?
Holly: "I just can't do anything without incorporating it into my art. I see everything through cartoon glasses and I thought it would be fun to create a guide - never saw anything for Alternative Fashioners either!"

What is your favorite tip for Guests attending Disney's Star Wars Weekends?
Holly: "I'm sure they'll be new rules as there are every year- I learned just not to sweat about the collectables. It ruins the fun of hanging with other Star Wars peeps - so if there's an insane line- bugger that! Go and have fun! Also it's gonna be HOT- so pace yourself!"

What other projects are you currently working on? Where can readers find your work?
Holly: "Workin on Tarot Issue #92 right now and much in the works - to stay updated visit sign up for our newsletter or hang with me on Facebook!" (see links below)

Thank you to Holly G! for the interview and for creating such a fun, artfully inspired Orlando guide book.

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