Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Gluten Free, Vegan Bakery is BACK at Disney!

For those who have food restrictions or choose a vegan lifestyle, the Babycakes NYC bakery at Downtown Disney was a great option.  When it disappeared during the start of the new construction to develop the area into Disney Springs, many people were upset.  Even those of us without food allergies enjoyed many of the delicious options.

I'm happy to say that it has returned and is now located in the Pleasure Island section of Downtown Disney/Disney Springs under the name Erin McKenne's Bakery NYC. Although it has a new name, the bakery is still the same.  The new location is an independent store front.  It no longer shares space with "the chicken restaurant" (which, as pointed out by the lovely ladies working in the new location, hardly made sense for a vegan bakery).

I was happy to see that my favorite treat was still available on the day that I visited.  The Thin Mint ($2.25) is a larger version of the American favorite with a slightly different texture but similar flavor.  I have to say that although it was delicious, it did seem to be different from the old Babycakes version.  I recall a thinner crisper texture.  This version was more dense cake-like and thick.  It was covered in a healthy coating of chocolate as well. Still yummy and a bargain at Disney.  Make sure to have a drink handy.  It is very rich. 

A small variety of items are available daily.  Some items are also available in the refrigerator cases of quick-service restaurants at various WDW Resorts.  Selection and prices vary.

Boxed mixes are also available for purchase.

*Erin McKenne's Bakery NYC is handicap accessible. However, the guest standing area is very small and could be an issue for turning around and exiting. Assistance may be needed if there are more than 3 or 4 people inside the shop.

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