Thursday, October 9, 2014

Goofy's Candy Company Create Your Own -SNACK CREDIT AGAIN!

For those of you who enjoy using the Disney Dining Plan, you can understand how sad I was when the Create Your Own Snack option at Goofy's Candy Company in Downtown Disney stopped accepting snack credits AND raised all the prices considerably.  I don't often use the Dining Plan, but I took advantage of the special Free Dining promotion last week.  On our last day as we were about to leave, I wandered into Goofy's to use up one final credit on a treat to take home.

To my delightful surprise, TWO Create Your Own Snacks were once again back on the accepting credits list!  The two choices now are a Mickey ears gingerbread man cookie or marshmallows.

Dipped apples or pretzel rods are also available, but are a much higher price and no snack credits are accepted for them.

To Create Your Own Snack simply grab a paper that lists all the options, select your choices, hand it to the cast member, and wait for your special custom treat.

The choices include one dip of your choice of chocolate, one topping (they pile it on thick), and one drizzle of your choice of chocolate.  Additional choices are available for an upcharge.

I chose the Mickey ears gingerbread man cookie (4.99 or a snack credit).  I really enjoy these cookies on their own, but dressing it up with extra sweets makes it even better.

I choose a milk chocolate dip, mini M&Ms topping, and dark chocolate drizzle.


Wrapped up in a ToGo bag for the ride home.

It was delicious even the next day with my morning coffee and the remaining half again at dinner time as my dessert!  This was definitely enough to share....but I didn't!  YUMMMM!

*Menu and Snack Credit acceptance subject to CONSTANT CHANGE!
*Goofy's Candy Company is accessible.
*Disney Dining Plan Snack Credits accepted.
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