Thursday, October 23, 2014

MiceChat Sip and Nibble Meet-up TOMORROW!

Event: MiceChat Sip and Nibble 2014
Location: Epcot Food and Wine Festival Center Ramp Entrance
Date: Friday Oct. 24
Time: 10:30 AM

Join a fun group of Disney fans and stroll around the World Showcase Food & Wine Booths...sipping and nibbling and of course, MiceChatting.

See further event info LINKED HERE.

*All event booths are handicap accessible.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Parasols in Paris, France Epcot!

As beautiful as the bright and sunny weather is in Florida, it's important to break out that sunscreen and the sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes.  But why not add a little flair to managing the sun rays?  Stop along the Epcot World Showcase walkway in France for a beautiful, custom designed, hand-painted parasol!
I first purchased my parasol over two years ago.  It has had a lot of use during my many trips to Walt Disney World.  Not only does it block out the glare from the sun, but it is FUN and goes well with all tiaras for you fellow princesses out there.  
Parasols come in two sizes.  The Large size (16.95) that is useable and the Mini size (10.95) that is more of a souvenir size.  The base price includes hand-painting of a name and flowers.  Additional designs such as characters are 5.00 per design.
Goldy painting parasols

If you plan on ordering a parasol, expect to wait at least 20 minutes for painting and drying time.  The wait may be longer if the stand is busy.  You can return any time later to pick up your purchase.

Friendly French parasol expert, Bruno
Parasols are waterproof.  I have used mine in light rain, but I try not to use it as a "real" umbrella so that the paint is not damaged.  The painted design has remained undamaged for over two years of use. I use mine so much that I decided to get another.  I may just start collecting them in every color!

*The France Parasol stand is handicap accessible.
*Thank you to Bruno and Goldy for all of the help and pictures for this article!
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My sincerest apology for misspelling Goldy's name in the previous posting of this article.  Thank you for being such a good sport Goldy-Glory!

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Earl of Sandwich with Stephanie

On a recent trip to Walt Disney World to see my best Disney gal pal, Stephanie, we stopped in at one of our favorite places to eat...The Earl of Sandwich at the Downtown Disney Marketplace.

Yes, the prices have jumped up a few cents and the sandwiches are a little bit smaller.  But, the quality of the food and value are still great!  

Stephanie had her favorite, the Ham 'N' Swiss $5.99.  

As she mentioned, the toasty bread is what makes the sandwich awesome!  Also, look at that ham piled up high!!
And another great thing about The Earl, free drink refills!  (Those are hard to come by on Disney property.)

I tried something new this trip, the BLT with Avocado $5.99.

It was DELICIOUS!  It was loaded with CRISPY bacon.  You won't find any flimsy, fatty bacon here!  The label said breakfast BLT, slight oops?

My usual favorites are the Earl Club or the Holiday Sandwich, but the BLT with Avocado was great too.  I don't think you can go wrong with any sandwich here.

The lines are often long at The Earl, but they move fast.  If it seems full inside, expect about a 10-15 minute wait.


*The Earl is handicap accessible but the lines can be tight to navigate and on crowded days it can be a problem to get around the people.  Ask a cast member for assistance if you need help.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Goofy's Candy Company Create Your Own -SNACK CREDIT AGAIN!

For those of you who enjoy using the Disney Dining Plan, you can understand how sad I was when the Create Your Own Snack option at Goofy's Candy Company in Downtown Disney stopped accepting snack credits AND raised all the prices considerably.  I don't often use the Dining Plan, but I took advantage of the special Free Dining promotion last week.  On our last day as we were about to leave, I wandered into Goofy's to use up one final credit on a treat to take home.

To my delightful surprise, TWO Create Your Own Snacks were once again back on the accepting credits list!  The two choices now are a Mickey ears gingerbread man cookie or marshmallows.

Dipped apples or pretzel rods are also available, but are a much higher price and no snack credits are accepted for them.

To Create Your Own Snack simply grab a paper that lists all the options, select your choices, hand it to the cast member, and wait for your special custom treat.

The choices include one dip of your choice of chocolate, one topping (they pile it on thick), and one drizzle of your choice of chocolate.  Additional choices are available for an upcharge.

I chose the Mickey ears gingerbread man cookie (4.99 or a snack credit).  I really enjoy these cookies on their own, but dressing it up with extra sweets makes it even better.

I choose a milk chocolate dip, mini M&Ms topping, and dark chocolate drizzle.


Wrapped up in a ToGo bag for the ride home.

It was delicious even the next day with my morning coffee and the remaining half again at dinner time as my dessert!  This was definitely enough to share....but I didn't!  YUMMMM!

*Menu and Snack Credit acceptance subject to CONSTANT CHANGE!
*Goofy's Candy Company is accessible.
*Disney Dining Plan Snack Credits accepted.
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Halloween with the Creepy Kingdom!

The Creepy Kingdom Podcast, hosted by James H. Carter II, is bringing you 31 days of CREEPY Disney throughout the month of October.  Each day a new Halloween themed show will lift your "spirits."  Most episodes are quick 10 minute listens, but you can also find full length feature episodes throughout the month as well.

I am happy to be a part of the month of Creepy Disney.  You can listen to me on Episode #4 HERE.  We talk about my private dinner on the balcony of the Tower of Terror and how you can book your own private Halloween themed party there for the cost of a signature dinner.

For more event photos, look HERE, "We Had Flames on the Tower of Terror."

Check out my other appearance on, Episode 11, Darby O'Gill and the Little People movie review and you can hear James totally CREEP ME OUT!
Available HERE on

Magic Kingdom Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
The Princess and Your Creepy Kingdom Host

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