Friday, September 19, 2014

An EPCOT Adult Delicious Delight Duo!

I have stumbled upon a magical culinary combo in Disney's EPCOT that is like a match made in heaven.  A sweet cinnamony delight for adults who still feel like kids at heart.  Unfortunately, this pairing is not sold together.  You must take a quick walk to collect each part, then relax and ENJOY!

Part 1
One of my FAVORITE treats in EPCOT is a delicious hand-crafted margarita from La Cava Del Tequila inside Mexico.  Anyone who has stopped in there knows that both the quality of drinks and the hospitality are the BEST that Disney has to offer!

The Wild Passion Fruit Margarita and Cucumber Margarita are two of my favorites.  The new Tamarind Margarita is a delicious refreshing tart treat on a hot day.  But, my new number one choice has got to be the Horchata Margarita!

The hand-crafted Horchata Margarita is a blend of tequila, horchata cream rum (contains dairy), fireball cinnamon whiskey, and aqua de horchata topped with cinnamon powder. $13.50

My closest description to this drink is a cinnamon milkshake.  It is sweet and rich.  Don't let the long list of alcohol fool you, this is VERY easy to drink.

The Horchata Margarita is available in a dine-in or to-go cup.  The dine-in version is served in a real glass and surprisingly does allow for a cleaner flavor in the drink.  The to-go glass is plastic but it is a slightly larger size for the same price.  For the purposes of experiencing the "Duo," a to-go cup is necessary.

Part 2
For part 2 of the duo, take your delicious Horchata Margarita from La Cava Del Tequila and dash towards Canada (but not all the way).  Stop at the Refreshment Port and pick-up a Croissant Donut (cronut) $4.49 or a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan.  

This flaky, warm treat is coated in a light dusting of cinnamon-sugar.  It is best when hot, so be sure to grab your margarita first!

Now, all that remains is to find a seat, put your feet up, and ENJOY!  You are officially on vacation!

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Accessibility: Both locations are accessible.  La Cava Del Tequila can be tight if it is crowded, but cast members are available to help you with your order if needed.

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