Thursday, August 7, 2014

Davy Crockett and Purple Cowboy Wines!


In recent years, I’ve noticed that most Walt Disney World Resort gift shops have similar merchandise. Resort specific or themed items are rare. However, the gift shop at the Wilderness Lodge Resort often has some unique items.  Hidden amongst the bottles of Once Upon a Vine wines, I came across two unique bottles of what I would call “Wilderness Wines.”

First up is…
Frontier Red “The Great American Value” ($13.95).
It is a California red wine bottled by Fess Parker Winery. Yes, that’s right, Fess Parker from the Walt Disney series Davy Crockett, and Daniel Boone fame. Fess Parker established his namesake winery along the famous Foxen Canyon Wine Trail. What better souvenir from a stay at the Wilderness Lodge Resort than Davy Crockett wine??

“Frontier Red is a down-to-earth wine that celebrates the simple gifts in life like spending time with friends and family while sharing your favorite meal. You don’t have to over-think this wine; simply enjoy this tasty blend with everyday cuisine, backyard cookouts, and BBQs.  A complex blend that is sure to please. Frontier Red serves up loads of lush red & black fruit flavors complemented by enticing spice, vanilla and oak notes. We hope you enjoy this great American value!”
Another fun wine found at the Wilderness Lodge Resort gift shop is…

Purple Cowboy, Paso Robles, Trail Boss Cabernet Sauvignon ($16.95).
The story on the bottle is what makes this wine worth checking out. Plus, the Purple Cowboy supports Tough Enough to Wear Pink and the fight against breast cancer.
“Once upon a time in wine country there was a group of young winemakers. They worked hard all week and tasted so much wine that their teeth turned purple. On weekends, these same men loved to rodeo. They became known as the Band of the Purple Cowboys”. So the legend goes.”

Lack of toothbrushes aside, this looks like a fun wine to enjoy on a your next stay at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge or as a souvenir for your favorite cowboy.

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