Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tiara Giveaway! Enter to WIN!

This month is my birthday month!  What better way to celebrate the occasion and the success of my new Disney Inspired Blog than with a TIARA GIVEAWAY?!
Please keep in mind that the Tiara is ADULT SIZE and is made of crystals. It is bridal quality!

 This contest will last through the month of July.

A Winner will be announced the first week of August.


1. Twitter Follow @JeanieBlue114  And/Or LIKE The Princess Papers page on Facebook.

2. Comment on this post "WHY you OR someone you know is a Princess."

3. Make sure to leave your Twitter or Facebook name so that I can contact you if your entry wins!!

*Winners must be from the Continental U.S.

*Winner will be chosen from all the responses.

*Previous winners from The Princess Papers not eligible.



Please see their link HERE or on the right of this Blog page to purchase a lovely tiara for your next Disney vacation or special occasion.

Shoes, purses, and other accessories are also available!!


  1. My 4 year old Granddaughter is A Princess to our whole family she is the only girl because I had all sons. I would be the best Nana ever. I followed on Twitter @howard164551 and Facebook Sharon Howard.

  2. I have 3 princesses at home who eat sleep and play in princess dresses! I know they would absolutely LOVE this tiara!!!

    1. Please be sure to include twitter or facebook contact name in case you win!

  3. My niece Megan is a princess! She is 5 and loves life. She can get her grandpa at the age of 61 to put on a tutu and wave a wand. You have to love it!
    Thanks for the chance to bright her day

  4. Don't for get to include Twitter or Facebook name so that I can contact you if you win!!
    Also, keep in mind that the tiara is an Adult size and real crystal and silver plating.

  5. I'm a princess cause my hair is colored like Princess Celestia (My little Pony) and cause I say so. and I need a new crown cause I broke my last one.

    Gogo Asher

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  7. My niece Jocelyn is a princess! She helps out with her mommy's church group, she does really well in school, she is already a ballerina, she LOVES Disney almost as much as you do and she is just adorable. She would not only LOVE this, I'm certain she would wear this every single day!

  8. My mom is a princess because everyday she puts up with three children and still keeps her cool and is the best person I know. She is a REAL princess!


  9. Thank you for all the great entries! Glad to see there are so many princesses making the world a happier place!

  10. Because in Pittsburgh, we're all princesses. We deserve a tiara just for dealing with winter :)This is Kashmira(I think you know my FB and Twitter handle). Thank you Jeanie for the great giveaway!

  11. I need it because I deserve to be treated like a princess! Lost mine a long time ago and I miss it :(
    Jodie richter on Facebook

  12. My mom is a princess. She has been confined tonhome and dr office trips, first helping take care of my grandfather until he passed. Now she takes care of my dad...she survives being stuck at home by reliving memories of our last family trip to WOW in 2012
    michelle morris on facebook