Monday, June 16, 2014

Disney On the Rocks with a Twist!

I've stumbled upon the definitive proof that Disney is not just for kids!  That proof is in the form of a FANTASTIC podcast called Drunk on Disney*.  Imagine sitting in a bar with a couple of guys who are enjoying an adult beverage and bantering about Disney past, present, and future.  THAT is the Drunk on DisneyPodcast!  The show is hosted by 3 Disney & Drink-lovin' men.  Come meet them and "Get Drunk On Disney!"

Guy Hutchinson
First, Guy Hutchinson, podcast guru with the perfect radio voice, who I describe as the King of Kitsch.

Dana Snyder
Also on the show is the voice behind Master Shake as well as many other characters...comedian, actor, and voice artist, Dana Snyder.  

Bart Scott
Last but not least, author of "Ears of Steel: the real man's guide to Walt Disney World," and host of Ears of Steel Podcast, Bart Scott.  Learn about Bart's book HERE.

Some of the other interesting characters who make appearances on the show include:

Suzanne, the head-strong artificial intelligence voice of reason, who I suspect is really the one in charge.

Drinkfinder, a classic Disney-esque character, who may remind you of your extra happy uncle with the funny smelling breath.

And if you are really lucky and listen religiously, you may catch an appearance by Dana's wife.  Fun, vivacious, and comical barely begin to describe her.  I would happily step up as president of her fan club!

A fantastic variety of guests also join in on the show.  These include celebrities, Disney icons, and fans of the show as well.

Each week, the guys make a featured Disney drink and talk shop.  They describe the ingredients for each drink, so listeners can "play along with the home game."  Then they raise their glass and toast to some deserving soul. 

This show will definitely give you some laughs along with a cozy dose of Disney nostalgia, and A LOT of booze education!!

So come get Drunk on Disney!

I'd like to thank Guy, and the Drunk on Disney fellas, for having me on as a guest recently.  It was a blast and I'd happily be back anytime!  If you'd like to hear us talk about the EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival, Rum Chata, Mothra, and Guy's fear of butterflies, tune in to the Episode 41 Digestif HERE.

Guy's 99/10
You'll need some 99Bananas and A&W 10 to play along!

*May contain adult language and themes
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