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Raglan Road Signature Dinner Experience with Chef Kevin Dundon

In March, Chef Kevin Dundon and his Raglan Road partners released a new cookbook/storybook, The Raglan Road Cookbook, I'd Ate the Back Door Buttered Ma, Inside America's Favorite Irish Pub (Available Here and at the Raglan Road gift shop).  

The book was unveiled during one of Chef Kevin's Signature Wine Dinners.  Before I share the details of the dinner, I want to say that this is not just a 'cookbook.'  

This is a fascinating tale of the history of Raglan Road and its Irish roots.  This is a book that you leave on your coffee table for guests to read when they visit.  This is a book, a BIG BOOK, that you open to look for a recipe and an hour later find yourself wrapped up in reading and still hungry!  

But the best part of the book is that you can make these recipes!  Chef Kevin uses attainable ingredients and simple methods to make delicious food.  If you've ever eaten at Raglan Road, you know how true that is.  And that leads me to the tasty part of the evening, the food!

Wine tasting notes provided by Amy Medintz.

Horseradish Infused Carpaccio of Beef with Crispy Vegetables

Domaine Chandon Brut Rose, Napa
 Amy:"Chandon Rose is crisp and delicious.  The added Pinot Noir which makes this a true rose adds a backbone of ripe cherry fruits that match perfectly with the citrus and ripe apple fruit in the Brut."

 Dublin Bay Prawn Bisque

Provenance, Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley
Amy:"Beautiful, traditional domestic Sauvignon Blanc.  Hints of grapefruit with very slight grassy notes.  Stainless steel fermentation allows the true spirit of the Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc to shine through.  A hint of Semillon is added to each vintage of Provenance Sauvignon Blanc which adds just a little bit of creaminess and finesse on the finish."

Smoked Haddock, Potato, Tomatoes, and Vintage Dubliner Cheddar Bake

Chalone Estate, Chardonnay, Chalone California
Amy:"Chalone Chardonnay is from an Estate that is made primarily of limestone soils.  This produces a wine that shows very much an Old World style Chardonnay.  Ripe green apples, non-tropical citrus notes with just the perfect balance of acidity to go perfectly well with this creamy dish.  Aged 100% in French Oak which adds to the roundness and richness of this Chardonnay.  Rich yet austere all at the same time."

In between courses, Chef Kevin explained each dish to us.  After his description of the Cheddar Bake, I pulled him aside and told him that he should be careful what he says because, "that description sounded like a marriage proposal to me!"  The man knows his way around a kitchen!!

Guinness Glazed Roast Loin of Pork Filled with Sage and Onion Stuffing with Colecannon Potatoes

Provenance, P Wave, Red Blend, Napa, California
 Amy:"Non-traditional Red Blend coming from some of the best vineyards in Napa.  Rhone varietals are blended with Bordeaux varietals to create a beautiful bouquet of fresh stewed red fruits, ripe cherries with a hint of black currants on the finish."

Creme Brulee Topped with Raglan Road's Bread and Butter Pudding

Inniskillin, Ice Wine, Canada
Amy Via Sara Brewer:"Considered by many as the nectar of the gods, this wine is billowing with ripe peach and apricots on the nose.  Combine those with delicious overtones of marmalade and candied brown sugar."

In addition to Chef speaking to us about the food between courses, Amy Medintz of Coastal Wines and Spirits Florida, provided us with some excellent history and tasting notes about each wine pairing.  She always does a fabulous job.  Kudos to her!

At the end of dinner, we were treated to a bit of a private performance by the Raglan Road Irish Dancers as well as a humorous, to say the least, presentation about the creation of the new book.

The one thing that I can always say about the Raglan Road Signature Dinners is that it always feels like coming home.  Great people, great guests, great food, and lots of love and laughs.

Look for my Interview with Chef Kevin on on May 14, 2014.

Thank you to Amy Medintz, Reserve Portfolio Manager for Coastal Wine & Spirits/Southernwine for the wine selection and education.
*Sara Brewer, Director of Luxury Wines, Constellation, Florida.

*Raglan Road 
*Chef Kevin 
*Chef Kevin Cookware 
*Cook Books 
*Check your local PBS stations for Chef Kevin's cooking show, Modern Irish Food.
Disclosure: We were given free copies of the Raglan Road Cookbook. This did not bias my opinion.

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