Friday, May 30, 2014


On Saturday, June 21, Dowtown Disney will host the first Local Food Truck Rally in the Cirque du Soleil courtyard on the Westside. The event will take place from 5-10 PM.

Approximately 14 Food Trucks from around the area will be on hand to serve up their specialties including all four Downtown Disney Trucks and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Truck.

The current list of confirmed Walt Disney World approved Trucks includes:
Disney's World Showcase of Flavors
Disney's Superstar Catering
Disney's Namaste Cafe
Disney's Fantasy Fare
Disney's ESPN Wide World of Sports Truck
El Cactus Azul
Ellie Lou's BBQ
La Empanada
Magic 4 ur Plate
Mayan Grill
Philly's Best Cheesesteak
TJ's Seafood Shack
Yum Yum
Food Truck Bazaar-No Food Served

*Disney Dining Plan quick-service credits will be accepted at Disney owned Trucks

*DJ Entertainment will be provided during the Rally.

*FREE PARKING (Valet optional) and bus transportation to Downtown Disney will be available from all Disney Resorts as usual.

*Beer and Wine will be available from the Disney-owned Trucks.  Additional cocktails will be available from Splitsville, House of Blues, and other Downtown Disney restaurant locations.

Disney Truck Menus

World Showcase of Flavors
Grass-fed Beef Sliders 9.50

Lobster Roll with house-made chips 18.25

Pierogies with Kielbasa, Caramelized Onions and Sour Cream 8.50

Wines by the Glass 5.25-8.75
Including a Fess Parker Chardonnay 6.00
Kid’s meals available

Superstar Catering
Spinach and Feta Beef Meatball Sandwich, arugula-fennel salad 11.00
Lamb Meatball Flatbread Sandwich 12.00
Turkey Sausage and Golden Raisin Meatballs with Creamy Polenta11.00

Kid’s Spinach and Beef Meatball Sandwich 4.25

Namaste Cafe
Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice, Naan Bread, Pickled Vegetables 9.50
Tandoori Shrimp 11.75

Slow-Cooked Beef Short Ribs 12.75
Kid’s Portions Available

Fantasy Fare
Magic Kingdom Croque Monsieur with house-made chips 11.00
Disneyland California Hand-Dipped Corndog with house-made chips 7.50
Hong Kong Disneyland Glass Noodle Salad with Chicken and Pickled Vegetables 7.50
Kid’s Portions Available

I've been impressed by all the Food Truck food that I've tried.  It's better than anything I've ever had at a street fair or corner truck in the past.  The food is fresh, flavorful, made-to-order, and what you would expect from Disney quality.  And I'm sure that the approved visiting Trucks will meet the Disney standards as well.  

So, make plans to join in on the first Food Trucks Rally on Saturday June 21st for music, drinks, food, and fun!  I'll see you there!!
*Special thanks to Chef James and Chef Brian for all the event details and for all their hard work in creating a new dining experience for guests.  Make sure you say hello if you see them at the trucks!

*Look for the NEW Food Truck Park coming soon to Downtown Disney Westside!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Car Masters Weekend and Exclusive Food Truck Special Event Menu!

WDW Website Image

June 14-15, 2014 at Downtown Disney in Walt Disney Resort

*Disney Character Meet n' Greets with Lightning McQueen, Mater, Finn McMissle, Aiken Axler, Sage VanDerSpin
*Car Show with over 100 classic, muscle, and exotic cars
*Appearances by Jay Ward (of Pixar) and Chip Foose
*Chevrolet Performance Mobile Tour for guests to sit in the latest Test Track vehicles
*Cars and Cars 2 movie marathon at the AMC 24 Downtown Disney Theater
*Event Expo and exclusive merchandise
*Food Trucks of Downtown Disney serving a special breakfast menu of biscuits and sausage gravy, bacon-egg-cheese croissants, donut hole cups, & kielbasa and caramelized onion biscuit plate starting at 8 AM.  Food trucks should be available most of the day to help keep your engine revving!

The Downtown Disney area, AMC Theater, and Food Trucks are handicap accessible.  

Lobster Roll
Tandoori Shrimp

Turkey Sausage and Golden Raisin Meatballs with Creamy Polenta

~Food Truck Info courtesy of Chef Brian
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ears of Steel: The REAL Man's Guide to Walt Disney World

Would you like to give a great gift for Father's Day?  Would you like to encourage the man in your life to get onboard for a fun family Walt Disney World Vacation?  Maybe you are a man who just wants to learn some great tips for enjoying "man time" while on vacation?  Well, if any of these apply to you (or if you just want to read a fun, humorous WDW travel guide book) GET EARS OF STEEL HERE!

Ears of Steel is a light-hearted, fun travel guide for WDW that is geared towards the more common interests of the male gender.  Here's a bit of a glimpse inside as well as a few words from the author himself, Mr. Bart Scott!

*The Problem? (as defined by Ears of Steel):

"The hairy-backed knucklehead kicked back in his easy chair with potato chip flakes on his shirt and a remote fused to his palm."
He thinks that a Disney trip is too expensive, has nothing for him to do, and is just a bunch of kiddie stuff.

*The Promise from Bart Scott: 

To Women 
"I know how to talk to your husband." 

To Men 
"I said I'd help her, but I'm really on your side.  You need a vacation...
I challenge you to keep reading this book and let me take you on a guided tour of Walt Disney World, highlighting only the most testosterone-filled white-knuckling, chest-beating, manly attractions and activities!  I will tell you every spot oozing with machismo so you don't have to fear losing your 'man card'.  More importantly I'll prove you'll have fun...
However, if there's something that might NOT be your cup of vodka, but is something your family will enjoy (and a real man could grit his teeth and tolerate), I'm gonna let you know.  The way I see it, that's looking out for your best interests." 

*The Contents:
Chapter 1 
The Rules 

Chapter 2 
Disney Resorts, Where a King Can Rest His Weary Crown

"When primeval man first crawled out of the ooze, he had but one priority.  To scratch.  But after that, he set about finding shelter." 

Chapter 3 
Epcot:Future World, Fun with Technology. 

Chapter 4 
Epcot: World Showcase, A Real Man is a Man of the World 

Chapter 5 
Drinking Around the World 

Chapter 6 
Illuminations: Reflections of Earth 

Chapter 7 
International Food & Wine Festival, Feeding (and Wine-ing) Frenzy! 

Chapter 8 
Disney's Hollywood Studios, Real Men Know Movies are the Perfect Date...We Don't have to Talk!  Or Listen! 

Chapter 9 
Disney's Animal Kingdom, Real Men Get It Animal Style! 

Chapter 10 
Magic Kingdom, How Real Men Storm a Castle 

Chapter 11 
Nothing To Be Scared Of (Right?), You Did Pack Extra Underwear, Didn't You? 

Chapter 12 
When Nature Calls, What's a Magic Kingdom Without an Enchanted Thrown 

Chapter 13 
ESPN Club, Because It's the Frickin' ESPN Club! 

Chapter 14 
Transportation and Ticket Center, "Too Late To Alter Course Now, Matey!" 

Chapter 15 
Breakfast, The Most Important Meal of the Day (Without Beer!) 

Chapter 16 
Downtown Disney, Real Men Aren't Afraid To Go Downtown! 

Chapter 17 
Manly Bits, A Few Testosterone-Charged Extras 

Chapter 18 
Now It's Time To Say Goodbye..., Dry Your Eyes, Little Fella.

In addition to all the wisdom listed above, you'll find information about private fishing excursions, golfing at several PGA-rated courses, driving real race cars, catching Spring Training baseball, and dining on the best burgers, steaks, fresh seafood, pastas, and gourmet pizzas.  And of course, information on the best beers and cocktails from all over the globe. 

Ears of Steel also includes some interesting anecdotes with the "Man's Journal" moments throughout the book, a Turkey Leg Tangent, and Official Ears of Steel Recommendations.

I promise, you WILL enjoy reading this book.  Don't tell Bart, but his book was even fun for me to read, and I'm a GIRL!  So, be sure to grab a copy of Ears of Steel soon! (
 And NOW, a few words from the author, Bart Scott!

*Jeanie: What inspired you to write Ears of Steel?
Bart: Basically I was tired of getting that tilted-head, confused expression when people found out I, a grown man with a job and a mortgage and responsibilities, loved Walt Disney World.  Many times I've heard guys say things like "I'm not going to Disney.  It's for kids.  There's nothing for me.  My wife can take the kids on her own but I'm not interested."  That stubbornness, and really ignorance, drives me crazy.
Plus, as a writer and a Disney lover, I always wanted to write something about Walt Disney World and my obsession with it, but for me it had to be something funny- bordering even on ridiculous.  That's when the idea hit:"why not a man's guide? A manifesto, emphasis on MAN...with tongue planted firmly in cheek!"  I wasn't interested in just another Disney travel guide.  Anybody can tell you what time the 3:00 parade starts.  I wanted to write the funniest travel guide on the shelves, stuffed with personal stories and silliness. 

*Jeanie: What is the most important lesson that you would like readers to learn from your book?

Bart: I guess it counts as a lesson to say "get over yourself."  I still deal with guys all the time who just grunt and groan that they don't want to go and deal with all the "kiddy stuff."  It's not all kiddy stuff- that's the point of the book.  Walt wanted to create places where kids and adults could have fun together.  And truth be told, the kid stuff is what most of us adults, men and women, really need!
Whether you have kids or not, you have to let go, have fun, and live in a fantasy world for a few days or you'll end up doing a face-plant in your oatmeal one morning.
It just helps that this fantasy world also serves beer at many locations! 

*Jeanie: As an Ears of Steel wearing guy, what's your favorite manly man activity when at Walt Disney World?

Bart: Well look, I write about the race cars, the fishing excursions, hanging off the back of the speedboat like a human-kite, all the "manly" stuff in the book.  I'm happiest with a long day at a Disney park riding rides, taking in the sights, sounds, etc., and then ending up sitting beside World Showcase lagoon with a cold drink waiting for Illuminations, or in Downtown Disney with a pint at Raglan Road listening to a live acoustic duo.  Those are the moments I live for- that really recharge the spirit batteries.  Something we guys tend to forget to do throughout our regular lives.
And of course I'll never say no to ripping smoked flesh from bone with a cold Safari amber at Flame Tree BBQ at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Can't wait 'til that becomes a night time experience - as well as a few other things I hear they're planning! 

Jeanie: What is the one thing at Walt Disney World that a man should avoid doing (unless his wife or children INSIST) in order to keep his "man card?"

Bart: Without tipping my hand too much (you can read the book for that) there's actually little I'm not up for at Walt Disney World.  I've got too many kids to worry about "cool" anymore.  But I won't wear a fanny pack!  You'll never see my wife and I in matching tie-dyed shirts (come on fellas!)  And while it's possible I may or may not have made a late-night Dairy Queen run in a pair of lime green Crocs last night, I do not wear them to the parks! 

Jeanie: What projects are you working on now?  Where can readers find you?

Bart: Well besides the book, I host a weekly podcast called, cleverly enough, Ears of Steel:The Podcast.  We're not your typical Disney news & rumor show - don't want to be.  We talk the parks, movies, pop culture, sometimes nothing Disney at all.  We have had some great guests on, from Princesses (yeah, that's right) to former-Imagineers to current Disney community celebs.  It's my favorite hour of the week.
I'm also on a podcast called Drunk on Disney with the incredible voice-actor Dana Snyder and podcaster-extraordinaire Guy Hutchinson.  Each week we make a cocktail found somewhere on Disney property and then just swap Disney stories, discuss "what if" scenarios, pine for lost attractions, and fall down various rabbit holes along the way!  It's a blast!  Even when that pesky Drinkfinder appears!
Beyond that I'm just promoting the book and trying to figure out what's next.  There will definitely be more to come in the Ears of Steel series.  I'm always working on a couple novels, mostly for kids like my first book Balaam.  And I've always got a few other projects marinating in my brain!

*A special thank you to Bart Scott, for taking the time from his busy schedule of work, kids, podcasting, and indulging in adult beverages to do this interview. 

PurchaseEars of Steel HERE!
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Raglan Road Culinary Demo & Wine Luncheon

I was fortunate enough to attend Chef Kevin Dundon's Culinary Demo and Wine Luncheon at Raglan Road in March.  As always, he focused on the FRESHEST ingredients with his "farm to table" approach.  This particular lunch was inspired by one of his books, Modern Irish Food.  The book and DVD are available on Amazon HERE and at Raglan Road Restaurant at Downtown Disney and the Raglan Road website.

When I spoke with Chef Kevin, he said he really wants to change the reputation of Irish food as heavy and "gloopy" and show how it can be light and fresh and flavorful.  Once again, he succeeded in that goal.
The delightful thing about the luncheon was that in between each course, Chef Kevin gave a demonstration on how each dish was prepared.  He has a glowing personality that stands out when he shares his love of good food.  You can now see exactly what I mean by checking out his cooking show on PBS.  Check your local network listings for times.  

In addition to the brilliant creations by Chef Kevin, a delicious wine pairing was served with each course.  Amy Medintz was there to provide detailed descriptions of each wine as it was served.  She has been outstanding with the wine selections at each dining event that I have attended at Raglan Road.  She was kind enough to provide notes for each wine in the description below.


Espresso of Courgette and Almond Soup

Domaine Chandon, Brut, Napa
Amy: "Moet & Chandon of Epernay, France started this winery in Napa in the 1960's.  This marks Champagne's very first venture in the Napa Valley.  The NV Brut is beautifully balanced with a hint of citrus and lemon and nice round back bone of clean, ripe fruits."

 Homemade Potato Gnocchi with Seared Scallops and Crispy Pork Belly

Voceret, Estate Bottled, Chablis, France
Amy: "Vocoret is 100% family owned and operated.  Wonderful expression of Chardonnay from the Chablis region of Burgundy.  Nice amounts of acidity along with hints of green apples and non-tropical fruit characteristics."
I have to point out that as an Italian girl, I am very well-versed in homemade gnocchi.  These were absolutely DELICIOUS! Light, fluffy, delicate and melt in your mouth.  The church-ladies back in my hometown would be impressed!

Pulled Corned Beef and Cabbage Infused with an Asian Broth

Chalone Estate, Pinot Noir, Chalone, California
Amy:"Chalone Estate Pinot Noir is a true expression of Central California Pinot Noir.  The Pinot Noir is grown in limestone soils from an ancient volcano.  The wine is soft, easy to drink, mild tannins and a ripe, rich bright cherry and plum characteristics akin to Pinot Noir with just a hint of the terrior from whence it comes."

Upside-Down Steamed Orange Pudding with Caramelized Clotted Creme

Inniskillin, Ice Wine, Canada
Amy via Sara Brewer*:"Considered by many as the nectar of the gods, this wine is billowing with ripe peach and apricots on the nose.  Combine those with delicious overtones of marmalade and candied brown sugar."
We were told that this dessert should be on the menu at Raglan Road very soon!

Thank you to Amy Medintz, Reserve Portfolio Manager for Coastal Wine & Spirits of Florida/Southernwine for the wine selection and education.
To see my interview with Chef Kevin please see on May 14, 2014. 

*Sara Brewer, Director of Luxury Wines, Constellation, Florida.

Raglan Road Restaurant: CLICK HERE (You may find my pic in the Rogues Gallery.)
Chef Kevin's Modern Irish Food PBS Show: CLICK HERE.
Chef Kevin's Cookware: CLICK HERE or HERE.