Monday, April 7, 2014

The Smokehouse: A New Place for Bone Suckin'

The Smokehouse is a new quick-service food counter located at the House of Blues on the Westside of Downtown Disney.  It has a limited menu of BBQ ribs, pulled-pork, pulled-chicken, drinks, and sweets.  There's an outdoor seating area at the House of Blues that often has live performances as well.

I recently tried the pulled-chicken sandwich with coleslaw (9.99) and a brownie (1.25).  The sandwich is served on a toasted brioche roll. The coleslaw and BBQ sauce are served on the side.

The chicken was a bit dry on my sandwich. The BBQ sauce is a thick, sweet, ketchup-like consistency (not tangy) and not my favorite style of sauce.  So, I did not add very much to the sandwich to help out the dryness. If you enjoy that sauce style and mix it all into the meat, the sandwich would probably not seem dry.  The slaw has a mild flavor with a very light dressing of a classic coleslaw mayonnaise based sauce.  It was good but not exactly memorable.


The brownie is a Sara Lee pre-packaged brownie. It is what you would expect in quality from a pre-packaged product.  But, at only $1.25, it is a real bargain for a sweet treat at Disney. 

Overall, I'm glad that Smokehouse adds another quick-service dining location option for Downtown Disney.  I'm not craving a return visit, but it's nice to have it available. I would probably see if the new Food Trucks were open first.

Accessibility: The Smokehouse is a fully accessible location.
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  1. My wife LOVES ribs!!! We will have to check it out in October!!

    1. I'll see if I can check them out sometime and report back...IF the Food Trucks aren't open.