Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Where In The World Contest!! One Winner Chosen!

Thanks to everyone who participated here and on Twitter!
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Where will you find the following? Answers now listed below.
(Answers updated tomorrow- March 5, 2014)

The Rules:
*Winner must be a Twitter Follower @JeanieBlue114
*One winner will be randomly chosen from those who get the most correct answers.
*Answers must be submitted by Noon on March 5, 2014
*Include your twitter account name with your answers so that I can contact you to send your ThePrincessPapers.com prize!
*The answer to #8 is not required to win.

Post your responses below!  








8. Ten Million bonus points if you can get this last one! 
Hint: If you read my other blog posts, you will find the answer.

Good luck and remember to include your Twitter name with your answers so that I can contact you if you win!

...May your tiara always sparkle. 

1. Be Our Guest waiting area with the knights

2. Final treasure location for A Pirate's Adventure-Treasures of the Seven Seas located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean Gift Shop

3. Fountain in the Lobby of the new Grand Floridian Villas

4. 1 and 2 bedroom Boardwalk Villas as well as the DVC model room on the Boardwalk

5. Entrance of Old Key West Resort

6. The UK garden in Epcot (decorated with Tea Cups for F&G)

7. Poster (hilarious) at the new Tangled bathroom area

8. Great Movie Ride Alien room. Where the space suits are hanging on the right wall, look down over the right side of the ride car to see it.  I only found it because I did an event inside the attraction and got to walk through. But it can be seen if you know where to look.  
Learn more details about finding #8 on my Dinner Inside the Great Movie Ride Post : http://www.theprincesspapersblog.blogspot.com/2014/02/dinner-inside-great-movie-ride-disney.html


  1. @Kathleenthinks:
    1. Be Our Guest
    2. Yacht and Beach Club
    3. Fountain in England, Epcot?
    4. Boardwalk Villas!!!
    5. deciding between Yacht/Beach Club or Key West. Yacht Beach.
    6. Backside of the Boardwalk Hotel
    8. Must be Muppetrelated, can't place where.

  2. I don't know, but I'll gladly steal the teacup lamp!! :-)

  3. The location of the lamp will be revealed noon wdw time wed.
    Be my guest. I'm sure nobody will notice.

  4. 1. BOG 2. POTC Gift Shop 3. VGF Lobby 4.Boardwalk Villas 5. OKW 6. U.K. at Epcot 7. Tangled Bathrooms 8. Great Movie Ride

  5. Thank you to everyone who participated here and on Twitter! I know they were tough and you all had excellent guesses!!

    Our winner with 100% correct answers is....Sir Owen Disney!
    I'll be contacting you on Twitter for information to send out your www.ThePrincessPapers.com swag bag of goodies.

    Be on the lookout for my next contest, Tiara Giveaways, and in-park swag giveaways!