Tuesday, March 25, 2014

R.I.P. to a Delicious Disney Boozy Cocktail


The Ouzotini shall be no more.

With the announcement of the closure of Cat Cora's restaurant, Kouzzina (located at the Boardwalk Resort), that means the death of another delicious and unique boozy beverage at Disney.  The Ouzotini is a sticky sweet, licorice-tasting trip to a candy shop.  It packs a good kick too.  It is my go-to drink at Kouzzina.

Kouzzina will close in September, so you still have time to stop in and give it a shot. 

So, along with other classics like the Monorail Pink, the Strawberry-Mint Julep, and the Adventurer's Club Kongaloosh, we bid farewell to another good friend.


.....May your tiara always sparkle. 

Also, good luck in your next adventure Chef Cat. We will miss you too!
Belle Vue Lounge, Boardwalk Resort

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