Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Top 5 Disney Boozy Beverages with an extra KICK!

5.  Ouzotini- Kouzzina, Boardwalk Resort

Ouzotini Kouzzina
Ouzotini, Kouzzina

Made with Greek ouzo and rimmed with sugar, this has the taste of Good n’ Plenty licorice candy but the ouzo will sneak up on you.  Definitely a trip to the candy shop for big kids!

4.   Handcrafted Margaritas- La Cava del Tequila, Mexico EPCOT

Avocado Margarita, La Cava del Tequila
Avocado Margarita, La Cava del Tequila

More than a dozen unique handcrafted margarita flavors, including avocado with a chili salt rim, that have great flavor and a nice pour of tequila. Skip the outdoor stand that pours frozen ones from machines and step inside Mexico for the good stuff!

3.  Strawberry Mint Julep- Belle Vue Lounge, Boardwalk Resort

Belle Vue Lounge
Belle Vue Lounge

The strawberry mint julep takes a few minutes to make, but this is the drink and the place for a moment of vacation relaxation.  The lounge is quiet and the drinks are strong.  The bartender here works solo and takes great care of the guests.  While the lounge is always open, the bar only serves in the evenings.  Stop into this hidden gem for a nightcap.  (There are old-fashioned board games available for guests here.  They are on the bookshelf next to the bar.)

2.  Birthday Caketini- Rix Lounge, Coronado Springs Resort

Birthday Caketini, Rix Lounge
Birthday Caketini, Rix Lounge

You might not think that something with colored sprinkles would be this potent.  I actually overheard a guest at the bar ask for their drink to be watered down a bit.  In addition to strong drinks, the lounge decor is beautiful and inspired by the film Casablanca.

A small corner of Rix Lounge
A Small Corner of Rix Lounge

1.   Lapu Lapu- Tambu Lounge/Kona/O’hana, Polynesian Resort

Lapu Lapu, Polynesian Resort
Lapu Lapu, Polynesian Resort

It’s a big pineapple filled with booze and juice and topped with a float of 151 and an umbrella.  This is a vacation!  Take it down to the beach by the Volcano Pool and watch the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom.

Accessibility:  All areas are accessible.  La Cava del Tequila can be a bit tight to move around in with a wheelchair/ECV when busy.  I get my drinks to go here.

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