Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Art of Henna in Epcot’s Morocco

The Art of Henna in Epcot
The Art of Henna in Epcot

One of my special treats during many trips to Epcot is getting a henna design done on my hand in Morocco.  Having henna applied is similar to having a mini spa treatment. You can just relax and let the artist make you feel beautiful.  It is also a great souvenir from the trip since it lasts up to two weeks.  The Art of Henna is currently located in the covered outdoor seating area to the right of the Tangerine Café (near the restrooms).  The location should be moving soon near the New Spice Road Table eatery along the water in Morocco.

Henna Designs
Henna Designs

Ilham is the lovely henna artist who has done most of my henna in Morocco.  She has been a henna artist at Disney for 9 years.  If she is not there, you may find her sister, Fatiha, doing the henna art.

Ihlam, Henna Artist
Ilham, Henna Artist

Ilham described henna as a tradition in Morocco.  She said that it is most commonly done on women (however, there are many designs at the Art of Henna for men, such as dragons).  For weddings in Morocco, there is a “henna day” the day before the ceremony where the bride’s hands and feet are decorated.

Henna at time of application
Henna at time of application

Henna 3 days after application.
Henna 3 days after application

Henna is a plant.  The henna used at Disney is all natural. The dye is made from dried crushed henna leaves, lemon juice, water, sugar, and eucalyptus.  It is placed into a paper cone and applied to the skin much like piping decorative icing onto a cake (a bit of glitter on top is a free optional addition).

Henna Designs
Henna Designs

Henna design applied
Henna Design: Strength

Depending on the design that you choose (there is an extensive design book to look through), application takes 5-10 minutes.  The cost, also depending on design, ranges from $15-$45.  Don’t forget to look for the ‘princess’ and ‘hidden Mickey’ henna design options!

Henna Design
Henna Design:Joy

Design applied
Henna Design: Joy

Ilham’s henna tips:
1. Henna works best on clean skin.  If you have sunblock or lotion on, let her know. She will spray the area with alcohol to clean it off first.
2. Avoid washing the area for 6-8 hours after the henna is applied.
3. Henna should be applied to hands or feet for the best long-lasting results.
4. The dried henna will peel off within a day.  The henna stain will be light at first and darken on skin in two or three days.
5. Henna lasts 7-10 days.  (When I am very careful to only lightly scrub the henna area, it lasts approximately 2 weeks.)
6. It takes about 30 minutes for the henna to dry on the skin.  Be very careful not to smear it or get it onto clothing (it will stain)!!
The Art of Henna is open every day in Epcot’s Morocco from 12-9 pm.  Ilham is there Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday.  Her sister is there on Saturdays.  Other henna artists are there from time to time as well.  If you see Ilham, tell her that you saw this column and that I said hello!

Accessibility: The Art of Henna is currently located at a table in the covered area to the right of the café in Morocco.  It is fully accessible.


  1. That is beautiful! And in spite of all the Disney-fan-type blog reading I do, I've NEVER heard about someone's experience with this before - loved this post! :)

    1. ty so much! They are lovely and it's so relaxing and lasts a long time. I recommend trying it!