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Splitsville: A Dining Review

Splitsville Entrance Downtown Disney Westside
Splitsville Entrance Downtown Disney Westside

On a recent visit to Walt Disney World, we decided to take a break from our Disney Quest day and have dinner at Splitsville.  For those who do not know, Splitsville is a combination of restaurant, sushi bar, bowling alleys, pool tables, a gift shop, and bars (including an outdoor bar with live entertainment).

Dining and Optional Bowling
Dining and Bowling

Pool tables and Bowling lanes
It is located on Downtown Disney’s Westside in the building that once was the Virgin Megastore and later Ridemakerz.  It opened this past year and is described as luxury bowling lanes.

Retro Disney Art
Retro Disney Wall Art

Splitsville is a rather flashy place with modern styling and a lot of retro accents, particularly the artwork on the walls.  The music is popular club music.  It’s energetic and loud enough to hear clearly over the bowling going on around you.  So, don’t expect this to be a quiet romantic evening out.  The place has a fun youthful vibe.

More lanes
Shoe Rental
More Lanes

Going to Splitsville does not require your group to bowl and there are no cover charges to get in.  We chose to just have dinner.  Despite being a weekend, it was rather slow in the restaurant.  We were seated at a table immediately.  There is plenty of seating for those who just want food.  There are also several bars with seating.  There is a sushi bar as well.  For those who do choose to bowl, dining tables are also available at the lanes so that you can easily eat in between frames.
The menu has a big mix of options.  The selection includes salads, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, sushi, and a variety of appetizers and entrees.

Many Menu Options

Our group consisted of myself and two adult men.  We were really hungry but had no idea how big the portions were going to be.  We started with sharing an appetizer of Alley Nachos ($13).  It was HUGE.  Unfortunately, it was pretty basic.  It was a big platter of red and white corn chips, salsa, nacho cheese sauce, large chunks of chicken coated in a very sweet BBQ sauce, a TON of jalapenos, and a side of sour cream.  I would have preferred shredded chicken rather than the big chunks that were impossible to keep on the chips without breaking (two rolled down my dress leaving BBQ stains).  I would have also preferred real cheese rather than vibrant yellow gas station cheese sauce.  It wasn’t bad.  It was just more fast food quality than I was expecting.


We also shared an Entree BBQ Chicken Salad ($15).  It was large and probably would have been good served with the Nachos.  It was just iceberg lettuce, a sprinkle of corn and black beans, and another pile of BBQ chicken chunks (but in smaller pieces on the salad).  I typically enjoy BBQ sauce that is more on the sweet side, but this was even a bit sweeter than I enjoy.  The salad was refreshing and good.  But again, similar to fast food quality and very basic.  What was excellent was the onion rings that were on top of the salad.  They were thin, lightly floured and crisp and delicious.

BBQ Chicken Salad

Finally, we shared a Meatlovers Pizza ($16) with beef on only half.  It was the size of a medium pizza at most places but was loaded with toppings including bacon, pepperoni, sausage, and ground beef.  We did not finish it.  We all agreed that it was very good.  (Although I thought it was a tad too salty probably from the salty meats on the top.)  The crust was fresh and soft and not greasy on the bottom.  There was a ton of cheese and it came out piping hot.  We all agreed that if we went back to Splitsville for dinner that we would share a pizza.

Meatlovers Pizza

It is definitely enough for two people and probably three if you aren’t extremely hungry or are having an appetizer or dessert.  There was discussion of it possibly being better than the last few pizzas that we have had at Wolfgang Puck Express at the Marketplace at Downtown Disney.

Not exactly "fine" dining, but it is fun.
Not exactly "FINE" dining but it is fun

Overall, Splitsville was fun for a new place to try out while on the Westside of Downtown Disney.  We thought that the prices were high for the quality.  (A soda is $3.25.)  But, sharing a pizza there would be a reasonable value for a meal at Disney.  None of the menu seemed exceptionally unique enough to make me rush back and unless you are there to bowl, the noise level can be a bit much.  I would go back if I was in that area.  But, I would try different food options.
If you would like to bowl while at Splitsville, it is expensive.  The cost is $15 per person during weekday afternoons and $20 per person for evenings and weekends.  Shoe rental is included.

Bowling Pricing

Disney Character Balls
Disney Character  Themed Balls

Splitsville does accept Tables in Wonderland for a 20% discount off of food and beverages.
Accessibility:  The restaurant is accessible for ECVs and wheelchairs.  Some areas have high bar stool tables or elevated booths.  However, low tables are also available and an ECV or wheelchair can be pulled right up to the table.  Splitsville has an upstairs level.  There are stairs, and escalator, and an elevator to get to the second floor.
Special thanks to Robert Dickinson for all his help taking pictures.


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